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Knight lords artefacts question

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The claws of the black hunt
The claws of the black hunt are a pair of melee weapons that replace all of the bearers melee and ranged weapons. Each claw has the following profile: +1s ap3, melee, master-crafted, rending, Shred.

So do they give you +2 strength for each one like a maulerfiend lash tendrils or is it just the +1 strength? Otherwise I don't see why they would state each claw has that profile as opposed to just the profile?
Any help with this can of worms
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they are like a twin set of lightning claws. they give you +1 att. for the double weapon, but you attack with just one of each each round of melee. it would be the same being equipped with a powermaul and a powersowrd. you can't have both bonuses (+2 str and AP3), you just use one weapon per subphase, with +1 attack. they have the same stats (+1 str ap 3 etc.) and thus it doesnt matter wich one you use. you get the same once, with +1 att.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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