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- Knight Seneschal, go to the dropzone and await for the transport – distorted voice sounded from the vocoder.
- I have my duty here, Inquisitor, so accept my humble refusal – the person sitting in the command throne of the ancient Knight Lancer growled with irritation within his voice.
- Knight Seneschal, I’ve commenced Exterminatus upon your world, it’s beyond redemption now! Go, abandon your fight and save yourself!

Seneschal switched off the vox device, shutting the inquisitor interfering in his battle for good. He turned his focus solely at the foe before him.
A greater daemon of This, Who Changes Ways was standing before him, hissing and laughing at the same time, surrounded by unholy aura of pure Warp energy.

- So, puny, stupid human – hissed the Daemon – why do you chose death? There is nothing you can do to hour homeworld now! – giggled the beast.
- There is. I vowed to give my life fighting every opponent, who will dare to threat my world. So I’ll take you back to the Warp with myself, foul creature.

The Knight charged in the demons’ direction, and the beast spread it’s mighty wings in order to take to the skies. It took the denizen of the Warp a little too long – the powerful lance strike reached the creature, producing the stone-shattering shockvawe.


- Sir, the Exterminatus have been launched! – the Navy officer said to the Inquisitor standing on the bridge of his Black Ship.
- So, Lord-Seneschal, you chose to die with your world… - whispered the Ordo Malleus investigator, looking through the windows at the doomed Knight World being covered with the spreading clouds of fire.


The explosion shook the already collapsing ruins of the Seneschal’s Palace. The once brilliant monument became a molten husk in a roaring lava stream. On one of the last stable pieces of the building left, the Seneschal made one, final strike of the Lance. The vulture-like daemon shrieked in disbelief, before falling into the flow of the liquid brimstone. The already weakened structure of the building, on which the Seneschal stood cracked ominously, sinking down slowly into the fire. The tired Knight had fulfilled his duty.

After a while, on the surface of planet was nothing left but the molten sea of fire.


- We’re done here, let’s move out – commanded the Inquisitor.

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I think you guys are usually guilty of drowning your work I airbrush, but this is a whole different thing.

This looks great. The airbrushing really adds to it and the regular brush work is awesome.

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