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Just got this from a few stores on Facebook; appears to be a UK-wide GW store-based event. Buy a 450pt Unbound army, build it, get your comp score, go along and play games.

Who's going to do it? I can tell it's going to be a huge train wreck, but I'm tempted to give it a go all the same (although having to buy new stuff is enough to turn me off on it).

This is the comp system my local GW posted which I believe will be used all over.

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Let's laugh at it;

1. No, Grey Knights, you're not allowed to be a viable army. You can just sit there and hemorrhage comp score. At least you can bring 2 Dreadknights with Personal Teleporters, Daemonhammers, Heavy Incinerators and Heavy Psycannons for almost exactly 450pts - sure, it's 10 comp points, but I don't see your options here.

2. Lol Tyranids - your viable HQ is going to set you back 7 comp points by himself. Build an army that must include a character but gets massively penalised for a Flyrant at 450pts. I dare you.

3. So... Dark Eldar just don't get comped unless they bring Flyers? Because let's face it at 450pts you're not going to bother with an HQ, you're just packing Blasterborn in Venoms with a random Dracon somewhere.

4. Wraithknight costs a whopping 10 comp points, but I don't see much killing it at 450pts (my proposed force totally could, but that's an exception).

5. Go go MSU single Crisis Suits for Tau. Chaos can just pack Obliterators and laugh. Oh, you need a character - Ethereal and Cultist Champions it is then.

6. Shooty Terminators give up more comp points than Centurions. :clapping:

7. Skitarii in Drop Pods will not be comped at all. Winner!

8. Necrons will not be comped at all (because they're AV11/11/11 + 2/2/0, so they slip under the heavy vehicle comp). Not even Wraiths.

Right, you've got ten minutes. Make me some lists!

3 White Scars Centurions with Grav Cannons and Omniscope
Drop Pod

Comp score: 6

Canoptek Harvest
Tomb Spyder
6 Wraiths with Whip Coils
3 Scarab Bases

Necron Lord

Comp Score: 4

2 D-Cannons
2 D-Cannons
2 D-Cannons
Comp Score: 3
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