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Just a shoutout for the new Wyrd Miniatures kickstarter! They are starting up a bigger scale miniature game, set in the Malifaux universe but not directly related (yet)! Check out the info below and get involved if you are interested - it looks pretty damn good and I am just trying to advertise it a little!

"The Other Side is a cinematic wargame by Wyrd Miniatures that combines streamlined rules with the tough, tactical decisions and ruthless combat that are a staple of modern miniature gaming.

Players take control of a company of troops ranging from powerful commanders to massive titans to rank and file squads. The Other Side miniatures come preassembled, which means you can go directly from the box to the table."


>> Kickstarter ends on Sat, Jan 21 2017 12:00 AM +00:00.
>> This is already funded but the more people who get involved with the game the better, with plenty of stretch goals already unlocked.

There's a sample round of the game with painted figures and additionally 2 Vassal games to give you an idea of the mechanics. But to be honest the main reason I want it to do well is that the Malifaux/the other side universe is awesome and has very unique vibe! Tonnes of info on the kickstarter with plenty of model renders...

Disclaimer: I have no relation to the above company and just want the kickstarter to do well as the companies gothic/western/mystical gameworld is awesome and their minis are great! Apologies if this has already been flagged
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