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Hello to everyone, i would like to share this incoming kickstarter project that i hope you will like :)

Forgotten World is Fireforge Games newest project.

Campaign launching: September 20th 7:00p.m. Rome time (10:00a.m. Los Angeles - 1:00p.m. New York - 6:00p.m. London - September 21st 3:00a.m Sydney).
Check the project at the following link:
kickstarter link

Our intent is to bring to life an entire new range of fantasy models, perfect for your fantasy wargames and roleplaying campaigns.

Fireforge Games is an italian company with expertise in the creation and distribution of multi-part 28mm, miniature figures. Our products are made with Hard Plastic (HIP – High Impact Polystyrene) or resin to assemble and paint. The production of our kits will take place in the EU, completely under our quality control.

This Kickstarter campaign seeks funds to release six units for the first two Forgotten World's factions; the Northmen and the Living Dead. Below you will find a complete description of all the plastic kits, which will be released upon a successful Kickstarter; including our future available options and many pictures of assembled and painted figures, representing the final product.
At the kickstarter link you will be able to see everything, like a full description of the project and prototypes of the models assembled and painted :)
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