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So Here's my list. I'm not looking for specific changes, just would like to hear feedback on it.

Daemon prince w/ MoS, Los, and wings - 155

10x noise marines w/ pw champ, 8x sonic blasters, blast master, rhino and PI - 350

10x berzerkers w/ pf champ, rhino w/ EA, and PI - 305

10x lesser daemons - 130

Dread w/ multimelta - 100

6x terminators w/ 2x chainfist, 2x pf, and 2x combi meltas - 240

Vindicator w/ dp - 145

1x obliterator - 75

Basically berz go forward full speed followed close by noise marines. Lesser daemons and terms deepstrike on the berz when available, and daemon prince lashes shooty units closer and cc units back. Dread is on the other half of my deployment cause it's crazed haha. I could field a khornesh lord w/ daemon weapon instead of the dp, but I feel the lash prince is more competitive. Thoughts?
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