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Well That Was Unexpected
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Hey there and welcome, I've taken a look at your list and a really don't like it very much, from both a fluff and competitive and since you aren't fulfilling either of these requirements thats not good. Now I just want to say I'm not being mean or a d**k I'm just trying to help so when you read back my comments add a happy voice and imagine a person who is smiling.....see :)

Now onto the list. Others won't care but fluff is important to me (within reason) Which means the changes I suggest will be fluffy/competitive.

First get rid of the slaanesh stuff completely as it both conflicts with the khornish fluff and isn't comeptitive, stick with Khorne because its more competitive and lets build a fluffy army around it.

I recommend Daemon Prince, Wings, MOK, 140pts. This isn't the most competitive but lets face it, it's still pretty good, another option would be Kharn who is amazingly good.


10 CSM, Champion, Powerfist, Plasma Pistol, IOK, x2 Meltaguns, Rhino, Combi-Flamer, 300pts. This should be good against everything, MC hunting, tank hunting, horde hunting

10 Khorne Berzerkers, Skull Champion, Powerfist, x2 Plasma Pistols, Rhino, EA 330pts This is a solid unit, I added the x2 Plasma Pistols as you really want to be able to open vehicles before charging them, or taking an extra wound of a tough target before charging.

10 Lesser Daemons (please use Bloodletters)


Dreadnought, Twin-linked Autocannon, CCW-Heavy Flamer, 115pts have this guy hunt skimmers, light vehicles etc, less of a target and more realistic expections of making your points back and it actually helping you, but keep him moving forward and don't leave him on his own. Keep him with your army, just don't move anything in front of him because thats the rule for his frenzy (yes thats right read it up in the rulebook folks he CANNOT TURN AROUND 180" AND FIRE FRENZY)

4 CSM Terminators, x4 Combi-Plasma, 1 PF, 1 Chainfist,
a strongish Termicide unit.


Vindicator, Daemon Possession, 145pts
perfect unit

Defiler, Twin-linked lascannon, 170pts Very Khorny (ha ha I made a funny) I really like this set-up because it can pie-plate infantry and pop more heavily armoured vehicles and its more reliable here than on a dreadnought. But keep him moving forward, he has fleet and can PF armour in CC when close enough, if you leave him on an island he will die just like the dreadnought. Everything in this army must move forward ..... FORWARD!!!! Sorry I don't know what overcame me there.

Well those are just some thoughts and suggestions I think in total it works out as 1495. Now I wouldn't expect you to just settle for this list (even though I am great :) ) nevertheless I would't expect you to reject all of it, maybe keep some of the units but edit them a little bit to suit your own desires. I haven't given you the most competitive build possible, but I don't think I've given you a list that makes you lose before you start the game, but others may disagree. As always all comments welcome, especially from the original poster.
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