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Blashempy! Of the highest order! Mixing Khorne with Slaanesh... I dispair!

On a more sane note: There is a few things you should consider:
-I think you'd be better off dropping the Noise Marines into a 6, and the Khorne Berserkers into a squad of 8.

I'll Write the rest up as a list:

Daemon prince - 155
MoS, Los, and wings

6x noise marines - 255
w/ pw champ, 5x sonic blasters, blast master, rhino and PI

8x berzerkers - 263
w/ pf champ, rhino w/ EA, and PI

6x noise marines - 205
w/ pw champ, 5x sonic blasters, blast master and PI

6x terminators w/ 2x chainfist, 2x pf, and 2x combi meltas - 240

Vindicator w/ dp - 145

3x obliterator - 225

This is probably your best option for this list; Without completely changing it; But I'll warn you that Vindicators aren't very effective when run solo; They do work well in pairs however.
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