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Daemon Prince of Khorne
Power armour
Gift of mutation
I'd probably want the Burning Brand of Skalathrax instead to really put the pain on PAGK (and given that GK will beat up a Daemon Prince on the ground, you'll want to stay Swooping which is ideal for the Burning Brand).

Kharn the Betrayer
Very nasty.

Terminators x5
Combi-plasma x5
Champ with Chainfist
Power axe x4
Mark of Khorne

( + Dedicated transport )

SS TL Lascannons x2
Heavy bolter
Dirge caster
AV14 is very hard for GK to deal with at range, but I'd be wary of a Dreadknight shunting to block it's movement and charging to destroy it in the next turn, leaving the Terminators vulnerable to GK's anti-infantry firepower.

Cultists x10
Champ with Shotgun

Cultists x10
Champ with Shotgun
GK will take these guys apart in no time at all, but if you just want mans to sit in cover, you could do a lot worse.

Raptors x5
Champ with Combi-plasma, Melta-bombs
Plasma gun x2
Mark of Khorne
If Deep-Striking, a reasonable sacrificial unit, but bear in mind that GK can take 5 MEQs apart very quickly from 24".

Demolisher cannon

Demolisher cannon
Very obvious psycannon fodder, I fear - a Dreadknight shunting into the side armour will very easily disable or destroy them, so it depends on how many Psycannons your opponent brings.

Again, Dreadknight bait - he'll just take you apart with 4 WS5 Str10 AP2 attacks.

Ultimately, it'll be mean against an all-Terminator list that tries to Deep Strike, but I have misgivings about it's capabilities against a Grey Knight list that deploys, shunts some Dreadknights in to destroy that Land Raider, then fills you full of bullets on the way in. That said, one you get into combat your chances are good; GK aren't brilliant at killing Terminators if they get into combat, and Kharn can rip and tear through squads (watch out for challenges against dudes with good Invulns though - 5+ Invuln and 3 wounds won't last you long against a Brother-Captain with Falchions and Hammerhand or a Daemonhammer).
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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