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Well I would change a few things round, most of which are tzeentch rather then khorne. The only Khorne bit I would alter is that I dont like the BT's upgrades: you dont really need death strike and might isnt really needed unless you want to make sure you can ID T4 characters when you dont charge (normally I would charge in, smash the characters and then kill the unit in their turn... hopefully freeing you up to charge a new unit in your turn).

The Blue scribes I dont like so much because there really isnt anywhere to put him. The best place that you have is in the horrors, but that loses him the speed that makes him very effective. I would drop him for a chariot herald or get some screamers to hide him in: they are the cheapest tzeentch unit and have T4, are fast enough to be used as objective blockers and scare the hell out of any tank that is remotely close to them (its fair to say Im a fan). I've run my blue scribes a few times and I've thrown him into a unit of 8-9 screamers (I normally only use units of 3) and just used them as a screen for him, and then the quickest tarpit around (they are great at tarpitting enemies with few high S power weapon attacks... like the dreadnaught, which they could well kill to boot).

The herald is ok... decidedly average in fact. The problem is that making him a chariot herald is cheap and amasing but means you have to convert the model... its annoying that the best tzeentch HQ choice is something you have to convert yourself but its well worth the effort.

Other then that I've found that units of 5 horrors with bolt works better then the bigger units: it means you have more bolts, lose less warpfire shots if you use the bolt as anti-tank (unit of 5 has 12 unless or near useless S4 shots with its bolt, unit of 10 has 27 wasted warpire shots) and its also harder for the opponent to catch you in combat. Any horror unit that gets caught in combat is basically dead, regarless of size. So if you have 2 units of 5 rather then 1 unit of 10 then if 1 gets caught you only lose a single unit rather then the whole lot. Of course the downside to this is that you have extra KP in your army and the changeling is easier to get to... but if he is anything like mine thats no great loss (my changeling has a record of about 1:40, with 1 failed enemy Ld test- naturally they were out of range of their own units- and 40 passes... quite a lot of which were Ld7 guardsmen).
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