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500pts is a very hard level to play with for many armies, but particular in fantasy, where some armies can be bringing in excess of a hundred troops (Skaven, I'm looking at you), whereas others can be bringing something like 10 WS6 ASF S5 Swordmasters, and if some games are playing with End Times rules, that's a level 4 fire sorcerer which decimates warriors of chaos.

It's a really tricky level, where some armies can compete, and others cannot. For example, a gunline is even more broken at this level, as it doesn't need to waste points on cannons to take down monsters unless it knows it is facing Ogres (yet another army you can't really do much against at this level, sorry!), it can just load up on Quarrelers or Crossbowmen, or Glade Guard.

Knights are just too expensive at this level. A Core of Chaos Warriors and a Pair of Chariots (one with a Rider) are about the best you can really do with Chaos Warriors at this point.

Avoidance lists are extremely common now with Dark Riders and Glade Riders being absolutely amazing core cavalry, that outspeed you and have the benefit of Stand and Shoot with effective range, and can slip past you as you have no Musicians for the free reform. It's not a slow army by any means, but there are many, much faster ones, and they can escape your movement arcs very simply. Although at this level, it's not hard to outfight weaker units, and Marauder horse are no weaklings in combat, they're also really squishy - a 4+ save on a 15pt model is a 5+ save against S4 things, while other 500pt prize units like small Swordmaster lines are absolutely lethal.

Elves are a expecting a big boost in christmas sales as a result of End Times; Khaine, and that's just going to add to the number of 15 man Dreadspears, Eternal Guard, or even worse for you, Lothern Sea Guard.

The game itself is "balanced" to work at maybe 1k-1500+ as the starting point.

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