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Khorne based army help!

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I want to run a chaos lord with a retinue of terminators that he leads for a khorne based army. I'm making. I don't have a juggernaut model so I'm hoping to run him with out one. As far as bikes go I only have a single chaos bike. So until I can get either more bikers/raptors/juggernaut, he's gunna be sporting terminator armor. I've never played them personally but I'd guess that assault terminators would be pretty good despite the lack of sweeping advance.. So he'd be something like this

Terminator armor,
Gift of mutation,
SIgil of Corruption (or would sigil corruption be a waste of the points)
for the sake of modeling maybe a lightning claw?
meltabombs maybe?

and what should his combi be? flamer?plasma?

He could also be escorted by chosen or khorne bersekers right?

Any help hear would be great thank you in advance!!
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Okie dokie. Im a new player so I can use all the help I can get.

Another question. Am I allowed to use a fire Raptor in a 40K army or is that 30k exclusively I want to large flyer but don't know whether I should use a heldrake
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