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I'm looking to get rid of a army i was going to build but have now changed my mind. It a Khornate themed army about 80% is still on the sprue but here is a list of what i have.

  • New Khornate lord
    New plastic terminator lord (built)
    Blood Thirster
    16 Berzerkers (built)
    24 Berzerkers on sprues
    15 Chaos marines on sprues
    2 spawn
    2 Defilers
    1 Predator (built and painted)
    1 world eaters dreadnaught (forge world)
    5 Chaos terminators
    8 Chaos hounds (painted)
    8 blood letters (painted)
    world eaters shoulder pads for all berzerkers

To buy in shop you would be looking at 300 uk pounds or 600 us dollars and i'm looking to get half that amount, i understand it is near xmas and money is always needed else where this time of year but if your interested then let me know and i will keep it for you, i'm in no real rush to sell but i'm never gonna paint it or use it.
Also i have around 32 more berzerkers from an older army that i will give to the buyer a few need repair but they will be free and are and painted plus a few other haosbits i can find and throw in :biggrin:


Oh and all models are on cool looking stonework looking bases and those not built have bases already made :eek:k:

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Wow that's a big army. Shame your selling it, we need for massive armies for Apocalypse...but I'll be happy to take your place.

I'm in Australia, so how much would you charge for:

16 built Khorne Bezerkers
15 Khorne Bezerkers on sprues
10 Chaos Marines (with the command sprue)

I'd get the Dreadnought, but I've just made a Khornate Dread out of Defiler bitz.

I may not have the money, but how much would you charge for the dreadnought?


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