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khorne 1750

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summoned greater daemon 100pts

chaos lord - lightning claws, mark of khorne 130pts

chaos lord - power weapon, mark of khorne juggernaut of khorne 145pts


khorne berzerkers x9(with champ)-naked champ, 2x plasma pistols 284pts
rhino (lightning clawed lord rides with them)

khorne berzerkers x16(with champ)- naked champ, 2x plasma pistols 381pts
(juggernaut lord runs with them)


predator- TL lascannon turret, lascannon sponsons, daemonic possession 185pts

havocs x8- 4x lascannons 260 pts

havocs x8- 4x lascannons 260 pts

total is 1745.....any thoughts?
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Berserkers don't do well without transports. The fact that you have a Greater Daemon in the list magnifies this problem, as odds are none of your champs will be engaged in CC when he pops up.

You have great AT, but no anti-horde except for the Zerkers. Since (again) they're footslogging, ranged infantry mobs will tear you up before you can stop them.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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