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khorne 1750

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summoned greater daemon 100pts

chaos lord - lightning claws, mark of khorne 130pts

chaos lord - power weapon, mark of khorne juggernaut of khorne 145pts


khorne berzerkers x9(with champ)-naked champ, 2x plasma pistols 284pts
rhino (lightning clawed lord rides with them)

khorne berzerkers x16(with champ)- naked champ, 2x plasma pistols 381pts
(juggernaut lord runs with them)


predator- TL lascannon turret, lascannon sponsons, daemonic possession 185pts

havocs x8- 4x lascannons 260 pts

havocs x8- 4x lascannons 260 pts

total is 1745.....any thoughts?
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Havocs in a Khorne army? Blasphemy! :p

That said I get your objective to kill and mutilate Mech. I think you'll find Oblits are much more suited to this role though.

I'd drop the Juggernaut off the one Khorne lord and get the squad a rhino. Footslogging it is a guaranteed way to wind up dead before you can collect any skulls. And where's the Bloodfeeder? No lightning claw is gonna give you 17 power weapon attacks! :shok:

Greater Daemons are really bad for CSM. If it was a REAL Bloodthirster it would be a different story! But Daemon Princes are seriously bad mofos fo sure! :wink:

Try something like:

Khorne Lord 155 Points
- Terminator Armour, MoK, Bloodfeeder

Daemon Prince 155 Points
- Wings, Warptime

Berzerkers (8) 208 Points
- Champion w/ Powerfist

Berzerkers (8) 268 Points
- Champion w/ Powerfist
- Rhino w/ Extra Armour, Combi-melta

Berzerkers (8) 268 Points
- Champion w/ Powerfist
- Rhino w/ Extra Armour, Combi-melta

Obliterator (3) 225 Points

Obliterator (3) 225 Points

Land Raider 240 Points
- Daemonic Possession


Stick the Lord and the first squad of Zerks in the Raider so they can jump out and kill stuff immediately. Run the Prince up behind the Raider and charge the Rhinos forward while the Oblits pound the enemy armour from behind. Simple but brutally effective.

Blood for the Blood God! :wild:
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S'all ok except it depends where you wanna draw a line in the fluff of it. Oblits are good; Your idea to deep-strike them is horrible, unkhorney and will go wrong alot.
I have a simple rule for Deep striking, IF YOU DON'T HAVE PERSONAL ICONS, DON'T BOTHER.

When you have 550 Points worth of Heavy support, and you can't be 100% they land perfectly, It's not worth it.

Unless you play on boards with no terrain, its not worth the risk.

Good Warring.
I meant the Oblits stand at the back of the board and shoot while the army advances. Why waste turns waiting for them to show up? Just keep walking forward and shooting the whole time as they have Relentless. I personally don't field them in my army, but rely on my 3 Raiders to get the job done. :laugh:

No Termies if you're gonna just DS them. They will stand there, get rapid fired, and die before they can put any of their hardware to use. Or you DS them out of rapid fire range and they will spend a few turns getting into combat. Also, while getting the shit shot out of them. Sticking Kharn with them would be a horrible idea! You have one bad round of rolling and he will kill your whole squad. If hes just stuck with Berzerkers it's not so big a loss.

I hate to say it but in the world of Termis Khorne has to be the worse choice. Slaanesh with a continuous Init 5 being the best with claws. Blood Angels Termies are gonna eat you alive. As are Space Wolves. Plus Salamanders. In the previous codex Chaos termies rocked hard but they're pretty lame in the current. Icons instead of Marks is so pathetic. They're not even fearless!

Combi-meltas on your rhino are not for when you're moving up to drop off the Berzerkers. They're for afterwards. Now those usually discarded tanks can go out and possibly earn 5 times their points by popping an enemy raider.:shok: Not something most people see coming when they have Berzerkers reaving their way through their army.

Lastly, Plasma pistols on Berzerkers? Why? So you can shoot a unit to death and stand there out in the open and get shot to peices? Or you opponent gets smart and pulls guys so he denies you the charge? Or you randomly lose 36 points and 4 attacks on the charge? No, no Plasma. :nono:
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