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khorne 1750

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summoned greater daemon 100pts

chaos lord - lightning claws, mark of khorne 130pts

chaos lord - power weapon, mark of khorne juggernaut of khorne 145pts


khorne berzerkers x9(with champ)-naked champ, 2x plasma pistols 284pts
rhino (lightning clawed lord rides with them)

khorne berzerkers x16(with champ)- naked champ, 2x plasma pistols 381pts
(juggernaut lord runs with them)


predator- TL lascannon turret, lascannon sponsons, daemonic possession 185pts

havocs x8- 4x lascannons 260 pts

havocs x8- 4x lascannons 260 pts

total is 1745.....any thoughts?
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I really like the Lord on the Juggernaut and I use the same Lightning Claw build on my Lord. Nice and simple.

My most pressing concern is you have only two troop choices. Three is more common for us at this point level. In objective based games you may have too few.

I have never seen Bezerkers used outside of transports. I don't think they are resiliant enough against heavy weapons to cross the table on foot.

These two issues can be addressed by spliting up the squad of 16 into two squads of eight and giving them rhinos. Your Juggernaut can ride up behind them.

I like the flexibility of being able to call a daemon out of any champ.

All my other suggestions are pretty major changes to make your list more traditional, and I'm guessing you have this list built so I won't make them. Svartmetal will take care of that. JK
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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