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Hey guys!

So I used to collect 40k about 10 years ago and have decided to get back into it. For all purposes, you can assume I am completely new to the game. I have decided to collect a 1000 pt Daemonkin army furious.gif as I love everything about the Khorne background and models!

I will mostly be playing doubles with 3 friends. My two opponents collecting Space Marines (Bleeeeugh) and my Ally collecting Dark Eldar.

I have built my army around the models and play style I think I will enjoy best. I am not looking to be overly competitive, but obviously I would like to have a viable and formidable Army none the less.

I am looking for some general tips and tricks, and also if you see something fundamentally wrong please point it out!

Thanks guys


Chaos Lord on Bike. Axe of Khorne, Melta Bombs.

(thinking maybe Sigil of Correuption too? Or something else to better protect him)


Bloodletters x 8 including Bloodreaper.
Bloodletters x 8 including Bloodreaper.


Possessed x 5. Rhino for transport.

(Formation Tax basically. Thought the Rhino would help getting them close!)

Fast Attack: (NOTE: I am going for Gorepack formation!)

Flesh Hounds x 5.
Biker Squad x 3. Melta x2, Melta Bombs.
Biker Squad x 3. Melta x2, Melta Bombs.
Chaos Spawn x 1.

Heavy Support:

Maulerfiend x 1


So I have 76 points left to play with so open to suggestions!
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