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Kholek Suneater scratch build!!

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This model is my 4th scratch build, and some of you may believe iv bitten off more than i can chew. Iv so far built the armature, and his mighty warhammer. His hammer alone stands taller than my bloodthirster, and the armature stands at exactly 7" tall, not including his raised weapon. I have actualy run out of greenstuff atm, but ill have some more by next week. Heres a picture http://www.heresy-online.net/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=2891&stc=1&d=1243543285 of the armature, stood next to the bloodthirster for scale. His hammer is just behind him. I appreciate the pics not great, but ill be uploading better ones soon ;)
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Great sculpting, Kholek looks Great!
I'm looking forward to see him in full armour.:so_happy:
I'll second that :wink:
Daemon prince WIP

:p This is the bloodthirster from the start of the thread, but i stripped him down n bent one of his legs. Ill be giving him plastic balrog wings, because his original wings are too heavy n kinda ugly. :grin:
Looking at the bloodthirster...

They couldnt of made it any crapper could they.
Thanks Salio :) And Orochi, i apreciate hesa crap model :/ Was dissapointed when they didnt release Plastic GD's :/ Supose its onli a matter of time. Atleast iv tried to make him a little more interestin, since normally he just stands there *ooh, exciting!.. :/ *
Scylar Anfinigrimm WIP

WIP scratch built Scylar, chaos spawn of khorne:victory:
awsome stuff, especially the bloodthirster and spawn, also i can't wait to see kholec finished

have some rep


Nice looking spawn:)

But please finish kholek:)
Fear not! Kholek is well on his way :p I aim to have him done by the 10th, so i can send him off for casting
Kholeks torso: Finished

Finished off the torso, removed the hands. Hell be done by the 10th!! :p
Hey just joined cant wait to see kholek. by the way, if you manage to get him cast, how much would it cost to get one?
I hate keeping you lot waiiting :(

Its not Quite done :S Im doing my GCSEs atm too, so im realy busy :( I realy want to get him done for casting and because i dont want to dissapoint you guys. Right, tommorrow night im gunna knuckle down and do it!! I hate keeping you lot waiting :/

Hey just joined cant wait to see kholek. by the way, if you manage to get him cast, how much would it cost to get one?
$80 i think, or about £50
Hes done :p At long last!!

Yes folks, its that moment youv been waiting for and iv been dreading :/ Personally, he hasnt turned out quite how i wanted,:no: What do you guys think?? And ill post pics of hammer and hands tommoz.
Woo it's done. We are going to have to see some other pictures though dude.
I think we need to see him assembled with actual angles. And some better focused pics. Looks like he's going to be an awesome looking beast, but we just need some better pictures:)
Im gunna find out how soon he can be cast and photograpphed, if not ill need to pin all the parts so he stands up, n then ill do some better pics (y)
i predict a future GW sculptor :)
Sir, he's 15 an doing his GCSEs while making this awesome stuff! This man could start his own range of mini's by the time he's 20!
More pictures

just some more of the pictures. Im using a link because the image is larger.
And im flattered Karl and boots :$ I honestly dont know what to say. I supose the future shall tell :D
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