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The Kazmierz family is a vampiric family made up of the dregs of the other families. The family is made of Von Carstians who have posed a threat to the leaders, but did not have enough supporters to do anything, Lahmia vampires which had failed the Queen of Silver Pinnacle one to many times, Necharchs which were unable to kill their masters, however by far the majority of members have the bloodline of Abborish. While the Kazmierz family holds no goals like that of the Lahamia or Von Carstians the Kazmierz do wish to carve an empire in the shadows of the old and new world. How the family goes about accomplishing this goal varies on the member, Necharchs may establish themselves as information brokers for nobles, Lahmia members may set themselves up as a noble or merchant family. While the members may vary their numbers do not, at the most their numbers are no more than 30 at the least no less than 10. While the family may be different one thing unites the founder and her children.

The Founding of The Family:
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