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So with the release of the new Dwarfs I've decided to start collecting them again. The last time I did being the mid 90's.

But I want an army with history and purpose so have decided to come up with the fluff as the army grows.

Gurin Gurinsson (Dwarf Thane)
Gurin is a relative beardling compared to the other Dwarfs he leads. Gurin only recently took the mantle as Thane of Kazad-Dol-Arak after his Father Gurin Storrisson was ambushed in the Underway by Grobbi of the "Da Cursed Toof Tribe".

Gurin swearing vengeance led his followers in a mad hunt across many leagues of the underway hunting for the tribe hoping to settle one of many grudges that his father had left him.

As yet Gurin has not found the Grobbi tribe.

C&C Welcome. Hoping to pad this out a bit more yet, so any suggestions more than welcome.
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