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Kau'ui Kunas'ka is one of the many cadres moving out to take planets in the name of Tau'Va. Kau'ui Kunas'Ka is greatly made up of mobile suits, skimmers, and mechanized infantry.

Current Headcount:

Aun’Vre D'yanoi J'kaara Gue "The Mirror Being"
This Ethereal proved himself early on when he led his honor guard in a battle against Tyranids on the fringe of T'Au airspace. He and his guard along with Commander Coldwind and his Crisis Suits held off the enemy until reinforcements arrived. Aun'Vre J'kaara Gue shortly thereafter asked to be placed in a Kau'ui with Commander Coldwind, which soon became Kau'ui Kunas'Ka.

Shas’O Sa’cea Aloh Or’Es “O’Aloh - Commander Coldwind”
Commander Coldwind was the only other person on the base ready for combat with Aun'Vre J'Kaara Gue when the Tyranids attacked, and quickly got other men ready for combat. Through his combat prowess, he led the counterattack and nearly sacrificed himself to protect the Ethereal. In his first battle using a XV8 Crisis Suit, Commander Coldwind showed examplery knowledge of the machines workings, and was given the title Shas'O, and Or'Es (powerful) as acknowledgment. O'Aloh makes use of the Airbursting Fragmentation Launcher he helped test out in it's earliest stages, and a Burst cannon for effective destruction of Tyranids, his worst enemy.

O'Aloh's bodyguard:

Shas’Vre Sa’cea Eurii “Shas’Vre Sting”
Vre'Eurii keeps his Shas'O covered at all times, and delivers hell on anyone or anything that gets near him. Cool, calm and collected, Shas'Vre Sting delivers quick and dry wit to enemies of the Tau'Va, and keeps a guarding eye on Aun’Vre J'kaara Gue, having been entrusted with his life by Shas'O Coldwind. Shas'Vre Sting has his suit mounted with a Plasma Rifle and a Missile Pod.

Shas’Vre Sa’cea Vral “Shas’Vre Undercut”
Vre'Vral is Vre'Eurii's apprentice and has been up to the task every time he's been called on. The most reliable and perhaps gullible of the Kau'ui's higher officers, Vre'Vral often finds himself at the heart of arguments. He has been favorited by Aun’Vre J'kaara Gue for his passion, even if it's somewhat childish, and his inner drive to further the Tau'Va. Shas'Vre Undercut keeps his suit set up the same as his master.

Shas’O T’Au Iur'tae'mont Myen “O’Iur’tae’mont - Commander Shell Shock"

Commander Shell Shock was added to the Kau'ui Kunas'Ka later on in it's lifespan. Commander Shell Shock is one of many female Shas'O now battling front lines, with everything to prove of herself. As she has a bit of a trigger finger, she was placed in this Kau'ui with a suit decked out with lots of shooting power, with the intent of killing Tyranids. O'Iur'tae'mont's suit has a Cyclic Ion Blaster and a Burst Cannon. So far, Commander Shell Shock has had a few confrontations with Commander Coldwind over military command and has often moved out in a separate battleforce.

O'Iur'tae'mont's bodyguard:

Shas’Vre T’Au Elan’Doran “Shas’Vre Strong Calm”
Always present on the battlefield nearest O'Iur'tae'mont to keep her temper in check. Vre'Elan'Doran is the calm of the storm, keeping Commander Shell Shock from brash decisions and keeping her mind on furthering the Tau'Va. Vre'Elan'Doran pilots her suit with a Burst Cannon and a Plasma Rifle.

Shas’Vre T’Au N’Ka “Shas’Vre Second Strike”
If Vre'Elan'Doran keeps O'Iur'tae'mont in check, Vre'N'Ka is the one who cleans up the resulting mess. Shas'Vre Second Strike is second only to his Shas'O in number of shots fired per battle, but he does well to keep them focused on keeping his Shas'O safe. And not without repercussions, many times he's fired at her threat and been attacked himself! Shas'Vre Second Strike keeps his suit set up to match Shas'Vre Strong Calm's at all times.

12 XV8 Crisis Suits

If nothing else, Shas'O Coldwind inspired many other fire warriors of his old unit to take up the suit early, even if it's normally reserved for fire warriors who've gone through years of training. This new trend was quelled quickly, and the few who were good pilots sent to Shas'O Coldwind to be dealt with. Their punishment? To join Kau'ui Kunas'Ka on the front lines of expansion.

72 Fire Warriors
6 Devilfish
The Fire warriors that were once part of both Shas'O Coldwind and Shas'O Shellshock's previous Kau'ui joined up in Kunas'Ka, though some opted out of the walking role and became pilots of the Devilfish.

16 Gun Drones

3 Piranhas
Shas'O Coldwind's first missions fell short of utter annihilation and instead required much premeditation and on the spot guess work in battle. When Aun’Vre J'kaara Gue came to the Kau'ui Kunas'Ka, he brought with him a few presents. The three Piranhas were just the beginning.
Kunas "Agile"
Al'Anuk "Small Bird"
Gue'La'B "Human Herder"

6 Broadsides
All old friends of Shas'O Shell Shock, the 6 Broadsides brought much needed heavy support when Kau'ui Kunas'Ka first dealt combat with the Imperium of Man. Shas'O Shell Shock typically relies on their firepower to clear the path as she tends to zipline to her target.

4 Hammerheads
More presents from Aun’Vre J'kaara Gue, these Hammerheads were called upon during the battle against the Imperial Guard, and have since decided to stay. Much in part to persuasion of Aun'Vre J'Kaara Gue and the excellent leadership of O'Aloh.
Suam'Va "Great Flame" Ion-Head
Yhe'Ka "Tyranid Strike" Ion-Head
Mont'Run "Battle Structure" Rail-Head
Shi'Cha "Victory's Purpose" Rail-Head

1 Skyray "Ol'Shas'Ka"
The Skyray came with the Hammerheads at the most crucial moment and turned the tides. When the first missile hit, it was pitch black during the night, and the burst from the explosion was described as a sun by O'Aloh. Thus the name, Ol'Shas'Ka "Bright Star".

As for the current affairs of this Cadre:
(Just to use my Nids, Tau, and Necrons in an army together. :p
Chances are I'll play them solo more often than not, in which case the below event hasn't happened yet, or never happens. Whatever. )

On the outskirts of the Tau empire, war rages as the Tau continue to expand their influence on the galaxy. In their expansions, they come across a grounded fleet of dormant Tyranids, and begin new life on the planet. In the initial stages of growth on the planet, the Genestealers begin to awaken, and go on their merry way of infiltrating the planets defenses and taking over the population. After gaining control of an ethereal who was christening the planet, the cult had it's iconic Magi of their order. From there, the cult released it's unique psychic signature to gain the influence of the Hivemind once again.

At once the Hivemind detracted some of it's influence on the latest hivefleet fighting the Orks to find this signature on a particularly odd planet, where almost no life seemed to be present just years before, which was now booming in life. It quickly found it's ever familiar genestealer psychic signature, but had nothing near the planet to send.

Ever fainter psychic signatures than the genestealers were present on the planet, very familiar, but seemingly archaic. With anything but gentle nudges on weak minds, The Hivemind found a lost hiveship worth of Tyranids among the soil of the planet. Reawakening them took little power, and with the help of the cult already present on the planet, found an interesting new standing army, within the borders of Tau protection.

With ideas of spreading infection silently and growing a new hivefleet within the Tau territories, the Hivemind began to planet hop (using the Tau techonology, since the Nids no longer have their own hiveship) with it's small army, infiltrating and taking over a few bases on a near by planet before landing on a seemingly empty planet, which quickly became out of the Hivemind's access.
Little to the knowledge of the Tau or the Tyranids, a cryptworld survived even now near Tau airspace. With the new intruders landing on the planet, the Warriors of the Necron army began to assemble in retaliation before an even greater force took notice. The Deciever noticed a large power within the warp, something reaching from great distance to this planet. The bodycount upon the planet did not match the strength in the warp, and The Deciever took note of Tau... and Tyranids?

The Deciever found it so odd that the Tau and the abominations worked together, and searched for the reason. The Deciever found the psychic calling from the stars and quelled it, and at once brought the psychic control to himself. He would make good use of this odd combination, the small Tyranid army contained within it almost all of the different variations of life forms, and the Tau army had been an expedition force, full of mobile battle suits and rather short on their usual skimmer tanks. The Deciever could remedy that, and fulfill his own twisted plans with such an army.

And thus, Hivefleet Demeter, Kau'ui Kunas'Ka, and the Decievers reawakened army became one, a new force that would silently move through the cosmos, taking what they can and only showing their full face when they call the win, or when the stakes are highest. This new force, The Decievers own trump card against the other C'tan, and the enemies of the Necrons.

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wow, that's a lot of background. Are you going to do pictures of the army as it develops?

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That would be a good goal.

I'm not sure if I'll be making it that big IRL, but I could.
You never know.

I'm currently at 7 Suits, 2 Broadsides, 36 Firewarriors, the Ethereal, one devilfish and one Hammerhead.
So it would be a while before I hit that list up there, but I do plan to make a fairly large Tau army.
And I really want four Hammerheads. :3

I'll try to get pics up here sometime soon, but I haven't really painted it much.
It's... umm.
In the works.

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Excellent job. A lot of peoples fluff tails out towards the end when they run out of ideas but yours was great all the way through.

I especially love how you've managed to combine all three forces into one in a acceptable fluffy way! You'll just have to get a really good friend (or a really insane one) to let you fight them with it hehe.
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