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Saw this over on Dakka.


Now it’s one year that the blog is online and we would like to party with you, we decided to do it by releasing a commemorative figure. Here you can find every information about it. We really hope that you like her, have a look!

Limited edition: 120 copies
Code: TKSL01
Category: S-Team
Concept: Roberto Cirillo
Sculptor: Emanuele Giovagnoni
Painter: Fabrizio Russo
Material: Resin (Grx Créations)
Pieces: 4
Weight: 2gr
Size: 40
Scale: 1:45
Note: sold unassembled and unpainted, base not included

If you like to see more pictures and a video you can take a look at http://sergeantblackart.com/2013/09/18/new-release-kate/ to buy Kate you can do it through our online store at http://www.terriblekidsstuff.com/product/kate

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Oh. I saw "kate" and thought this was going to be a mini representing katie drake. I'm quite disappointed that it's not power girl with a huge schlong.

OR, OR, "I can't believe it's not futa."

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Its a nice figure although it does look like she is missing her mouth with the lillipop, it should be held slightly lower down.

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Not all that bad in my opinion :)

Although I think the lollypop should have been more like this:

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