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Karandras Questions

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how do i work out his attacks in CC

4 normally
2 for scorpions bite
1 charging
1 for a ccw or is it 2 ?

the scorpions claw is a power fist so he strikes last right

but he has plasma grenades ?

so how does it work out ?
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LOL.... you guys sure do know how to make it look better or worse than it really is.

The big Bug Boy gets only 8 attacks on the charge, and 7 'normally'. With the Scorpion Chainsword, his attacks are at his normal initiative of 7, and are at Str5, but do not bypass armor saves. Plasma grenades will ensure that he gets to use his high initiative when charging into combat with is chainsword leading. If he chooses to use his Scorpion's Claw, then he will still receive 8 attacks on the charge and 7 attacks 'normally', all at strength 8 (the chainswords str bonus will not apply), but he will strike at initiative 1 regardless of the use of plasma grenades.

Just beware... he is only T4, and while immune to instant death effects, a powerfist wielding Sgt, or any other 'hidden' or 'uber tough' model with high strength and armor bypassing weapons, can still end his life pretty quickly.
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So any model with 2 CCW only get +1A?
A model receives one bonus attack for having 'an additional CCW', not for 'each additional CCW', and not for 'each CCW'. Other special rules may confuse the issue, but the basic rule is quite blunt. If you have 2 CCWs, and the opportunity to use them, you get +1 attack.

Tyranids have a little bonus/penalty as they cannot get +1 attack for 2 CCWs, but they can purchase Talons to the same effect. And, if the model can purchase 2 sets of Talons (usually monstrous creatures or Warriors), then the bug can get +1 attack for each full set of Talons (usually ending up with +2).

The Mandiblaster and Scorpion's Sting bonuses are in addition to the 2 CCW bonus. I throw that in because I've seen it cause confusion before.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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