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Karandras Questions

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how do i work out his attacks in CC

4 normally
2 for scorpions bite
1 charging
1 for a ccw or is it 2 ?

the scorpions claw is a power fist so he strikes last right

but he has plasma grenades ?

so how does it work out ?
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He has a special mandiblaster set that allows 2 exrta attacks instead of 1. So that is 4 base, 2 mandi-blast, 1 charge, and 1-2 for CCW. I believe its 2 because he has a powerfist and a chainsword. So that 4+2+2+1 = 9. And also he has 5S because his chainsword adds +1S. So double dmg with powerfist is 10S:biggrin:

BTW, since he has a powerfist, he ignore armous saves correct? if so that is potentially 9 S5 attacks that ignore armour saves. BEWARE!!!

Add him to a squad with another exarch. Thats a charge total of 20 S4 attacks and 6 S4 attacks IAS and 9 S5 attacks IAS. Thats some painfull CC.

Lastly, what is the stealth rule for Kanandras? Is it just night spotting or something?
So any model with 2 CCW only get +1A?
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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