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I suppose I should have posted here first before posting in the army lists, but whatever.

I'm Kah Ryez, I'm from North Carolina, and I play Chaos and Necrons >.>. Although I got started in the hobby way back in my high school days, only this year did I start to seriously play. My Necrons were my first army that I had together, although I've also had a fondness for Chaos since the first DoW.

I'm currently putting together an Alpha Legion army(as I already have a Necron one), that I've been writing fluff for a little while now. I happened upon this sight by chance, and signed up after lurking through the boards for a couple of days.

Not much else to say ^^ so I'll catch you all later!

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Welcome to the forum.

We have had a spate of followers of Alpharius infiltrate recently so you should feel at home. :)

I used to play Alphas back when cultists were a troop option, so have a soft spot for the Legion and always enjoy seeing others peoples take on them.

Look forward to seeing your minis.
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