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This was another whim i got during the previous codex Space Marines. It was a 6 dreads army that fully infiltrates (except the dreads)

Kagemusha can be translated as "the warrior in the shadows". It was a little based on the crimson fists, some new recruits with a lot of "old glories"

The aesthetics was based on an army that appeared on a very old white dwarf

First line are original miniatures, the rest are badly casted miniatures. (i remember it was merely a whim) :laugh:

Kazuo Ijima, Lord of Kagemusha, Do u recognize this miniature?

-The members of the command squad. Everyone has his name written in japanese lenguaje in the shoulder pad)

Veteran sergeant Akagi Suzuma (another miniature for recognizing)

chapter champion Samanosuke Sugimoto (The shield was some kind of power ranger toy armor, i think)

Apotecary Mikomaru Ogama (This miniature is easy to remember)

The fire trial... ¿Do u remember the melta miniature?

Techmarine Enzo Kirijama

Behind, from left to right: San-dai, Ni-dai, Ichi-dai

in the middle: Shini-kami

In the front- Left- Kuroi Karasu (black raven). Right- Akai Karasu (Red raven)

I was thinking in making them count as white scars, and maybe give them a pair of rhino-ed tactic squads. ¿what do u think?
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