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Not a bad start but I think it needs some chaff units -- hounds or marauder horsemen. Something that you can throw at all the little units that your opponent will be bringing to tie up those blocks. Even core chariots are great at acting as chaff. They can clear out a lot of chaff and are rock hard. You just need to watch out for ethereals.

Speaking of chariots, I'm not a huge fan of BSBs in chariots. First off, chariots cannot march so you risk getting left behind. Second, any warmachine will hit both the chariot AND the rider. If you want mobility, BSBs are better on a cav mount of some kind (*cough* daemonic mount *cough*!!!) as they can't be shot out from under the rider. That chariot goes and your BSB could be stuck in the middle of nowhere and possibly out of the action.

I wouldn't bother w/ champions in units that won't be escorting characters. 10pts just to add 1 attack just isn't worth it IMO.
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