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Trick #14


Captain Custer roared orders in the com-link to his brother in arm
«Shrink! Form the square! Disembowel these things! Before sunset I will no longer see a Greenskins within a mile! »
Ordered as matches the space marine is compacted. Therefore their blaster was issued as a single flash of energy.
The few orcs, more robust and enterprising, who managed to approach were slaughtered with chainswors.

« Ere We Go, 'Ere We Go, 'Ere We Go!"» They shouted full of energy and enthusiasm the Waaagh until shortly before being annihilated by Space Marine’s weapon.

See the white light
The light within
Be your own disciple
Fan the sparks of will
For all of us waiting
Our Emperor will come!
Dust, limbs, heads, blood were scattered around, mixing Greenskins and Mankind.
«Hold the fort! The night is near » barked the Captain in the com-link.

At 17:12 the sun disappeared as a gate quickly closed. Orks burrow holes, crevices, craters and other dark places and hidden: the war was over for that cycle! Fast a dense fog of venomous gas surrounds the wasteland.
Custer ordered the company to fall back to Camp Librandum.
Knowing that he had a long night to design the new clash moved lengthening the path of return, he wanted to observe some rock formations that had intrigued. Halogen headlights broke the darkness, but for a little distance. After leaving the direct path to the base camp, they skirted the rock formations with sharp peaks. Sergeant Xil, as ordinatogli, pointing its lighthouse toward the rocks looking for possible opeing.
« Captain I found the entrance to a cave!» said at one point in a firm voice.
Custer did continue the teams to the field, taking with him only six remain.

There's a fire starting in my heart
Reaching a fever pitch
And it's bringing me in the dark

Rolling in the deep
You had my heart inside of your hand
And you played it, to the beat (Adele)​

The entrance of the cave was a large hall, wrapped in darkness, the bottom of which was a heavy metal door.
They pushed on the handle being in a large hall, looking like a ritual temple of the Space Marines.
They crossed the hall by finding a door that opened onto a corridor or rather a dungeon.
The Magos Heljk who had been with the team gave a gasp.
Custer turned to him: « Whay you know that we do not understand? »
«It's, it's just a feeling ... »
« I do not care! What you think you know?»
« we are in a machine, in a machine that most ancient ... here.»

In fact continuing the exploration found a room that was obviously the control room.
While exploring the area the magos slips into a ravine disappearing for a few minutes.
When he returned he looked tense and worried, almost distraught.
«Let's go! We must not, we can not stay here anymore! Let's go, now! »

The captain remained calm, nodded and slowly made came back to base camp the squad.

Returned to the headquartiers without wasting time Custer called to report the Magos Heljk, the sergeant Xil and brother in arms Claudion.
« What you saw in the engine compartment Heljk? »
« We found a very old device! A Titan class Golyem between 0.1 or 0.4! But it is not an manufacturing imperial! It was a few, brilliant, Magos corrupted by Khaos! »
« And then.. »
«Titan has a nature Chaotic and Evil! »
«I suppose however that there is a way to, you know… exorcise !? »
«No. Its nature is steeped in Khaos from the beginning! »
« Is there a way to "distract" at least temporarily Khaotic condition»
The Maagos sighed a while remaining silent and thoughtful.
«It is a complicated method and I … »
The captain interrupted him
« I wanna who you do it just because are a Puritan-Orthodox! Now I'm not a radical or not I never have been to date, but I know that: if we do not we will use the Titan will do the Orks! I know for a fact that we can not destroy the Titan nor make it totally unusable. I know for sure the Orks adjust it! And use it against us! So we do everything possible to make the Titan "docile" and annihilate as many Orks we can!»
the magos lowered his head and took a strongly saddened.
« After this assignment» added the captain «It will have a long period of rehab in the temple of Gods-Machine Omnissiah on Mars! I promise! »

I'm rolling thunder pouring rain
I'm coming on like a hurricane
My lightning's flashing across the sky
You're only young but you're gonna die
I won't take no prisoners won't spare no lives
Nobody's putting up a fight
I got my bell I'm gonna take you to Eye of Terror
I'm gonna get ya Gork and Mork get ya (pseudo AC/DC)​

Custer called orbital command and did send with the drop-pod supplies, equipment and ammunition for the Titan.
Heljk and sergeant Xil back to Titan for restore the batteries and engine. First of all this the Magos invoked the eternal Machine-God doing an exorcism; in the effort of evocation in binary Heljk transcended, his eyes are overturned and his body began to tremble restless.
Made this he hangs bent over himself with closed eyes and clenched fists.
« I am sure that the ritual worked, I have no idea for how long!»
he said, turning to the brother in arms sergeant when he recovered.
« Fine! The important is who it work!» added Xil.
When does everything in order to headquarters contacted Captain Caster. He which with an apology made back the division of a few miles. Then reached Xil at the Titan with two squads.
With the maps sent by the infrared command orbital restarted the Titan just before the sunrise.

I'm worse at what I do best
And for this gift I feel blessed
Our little group has always been
And always will until the end
Hello, hello, hello, how low?
Hello, hello, hello!​

Shortly before the start of the operations headquarters of SMs it is moved some alloys, to avoid damage of "friendly fire".
Captain Custer sat down in the Principes place while sergeants Xil and Decimus instead of Moderates. The magos Heljk had the task of coordinator ‘cause the crew not being trained to guide a Titan.
The ancient engines came to life, and the Titan’s "evil-chaotic personality" turned under control.
It takes all the skill of the Magos and the commitment of the three Space Marines to do but move large strides the titan. Advancing erratically first right and then left, tramples and struck the Orkis warkstations. Flames and dust rose up creating a huge cloud.
Squads of Waaagh attempted assaults close, but the two squad of SM into the fortress, on the shoulders of the Titan, frustrate any attempt.
In the com-link Captain croaked his orders after consulting the magos. The sergeants respond when artillery ready to fire.
« Chzzzzzzzzz… new target, Magos is good? …Chzzzzzzzzz »
«Chzzzzz… yeah, come on! …Chzzzzzzzzz »
« Chzzzzzzzzz… Serg. Fire on 5.2.3w … Chzzzzzzzzz »
« Chzzzzzzzzz… Sir yes sir …Chzzzzzzzzz »
The clash lasted for a very long time, not that there was ever a real break. After long wandering they came to an artificial hill: it was a mass, untidy appearance, that was the headquarters of the orks! Perfect shape for mimesis and to conceal deadly weapons. In fact, they had not noticed or identified if not a few miles away. Fund gave, at that point, the arsenal of the Titan. Many assault squads tried to stop the huge golem, in vain ...
There was a big jolt…
« Chzzzzzzz… What happens? … Chzzzzzzzzzz»
The Magos came out from his cave engine. Pale, trembling, cold sweat
« I have come to the limit! Mantra is no longer able to calm the chaotic nature of the Titan! We have to abandon the machine! Now!»

The Space Marines, the two sergeants and Magos came out very fast. Custer made a final launch of missiles and the weapons of arms did unhook, only then abandons the Titan. Outside they faced some Warband of Orks which took the bikes, to get away quickly and well.

The Titan had passed the crater left by the destruction of the headquarters, in front of it formed a green tide of Orks.
After traveling at the maximum speed allowed by half, about six miles Custer stopped to watch events.
Titan class Golem moves independently! Probably, indeed no doubt, he was possessed.
A demon of Chaos is using it to fight against all odds.
A squeal of spread in the atmosphere, and though Custer was not one Psyker could clearly hear a phrase:
«blood to the blood god! »
What remained of arms collided, generating a wave whose shape was visible, having created an halo pale and intense fan-shaped. A sizzle and a bang. The green tide was vaporized. Custer turned and began to run with the motorcycle.

An oddly shaped airship it is brought near the Titan, by what seems a kind of basket leaned a strange kind of boyz. A Weirdboyz draw on the power of the WAAAGH!
«Too much noise! Too much! I fink I'z gunna...I'z gunna...WAAAGH!»
He shook his baton and from the sky he bursts immediate and silent a giant lightning, a few seconds later he heard the roar and the resulting shock wave.

The Titan was crossed by a crack black and deep, but did not break and did not explode, fall heavily as a marionette with cutting the wires. While what happened a tempestuous wind and flame wraps all the way around, the Weirdboy and its aeronava were vaporized.
A warm wind and mephitic took the Marines on the run without injure them.

It was not long that darkness will descend on the planet, the day lasted very short because in addition to the natural rotation, the light was missing because, being a moon, every day was covered by the shadow of the giant planet around which revolved.

Greenskins survivors cower for rest as it was for the epic warriors.
One magos was traveling for a period of rehab, equally Space Marines after facing the cosmic horror of a demon of Khorne and about Custer and his 7th Space Marines will have soon something to do ...

Recommended by some kind of snout Abnett track new campaigns…Meanwhile Watson discovers new avenues unexplored in the Web… Also Sanders made came back again a other adeputus… the arrogance of the grumblers will have a severe lesson
And someone of you who know Saiyuki and its might, now I ‘now it how to use…:grin::threaten:

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Trick #15

They obscure my power!

Planet Potamylia agri-world of Segmentum Solar, where it grows wild and cultivated opioid plant; Chaos cultists plunder towns and countryside so the Imperial Guard was called to quell the riots and resolve the situation.

Clashes erupt almost suddenly and troops must be quick to intervene to prevent the spread of invasion.

That day in the hills of Fuxxshire there was smoke and low clouds, under which a powerful device causes magnetic interference. Reliefs satellite and auspex does not allow a clear view and consequently the strategy could not be adequate.
In the absence of direct news was necessary an action close to the battlefield. General Llego proposed an airstrike or orbital bombing. General Tzumo, instead, proposes artillery shells across the area without any moderation.

Only theGeneral Marthy Lincoln, action-man, boarded a valkyrie had got carried away in operation theater. He well knew that it was a trap, but it was determined to tackle the risk to collect data important for conflict exists.
Arrived on site with a Marauder was transshipped with his crew on a Leman Russ and with a squad of these he began to patrol the area by sending in real-time data to headquarters.

Sets his squad on a hill at the edge of the exclusion zone and thanks to a twin tank a few miles in a straight line, made a bridge-radar tramissione information.
When he had reached 80% of the mapping is detected by a torpedo instruments coming from the side of drift. Before impact passed yet, a few, but important data. So after a jolt darkness descended on his eyes.

Lincoln awoke in a darkened room without realizing how much time had elapsed from the attack on the tank. Blue and orange lights illuminate partially around the room, He was lying on a stretcher, intubated and with arms bound. He turned his head looking to the extent possible, what was around. To his left he saw a mechanical arm that ends with a small platform, on it he saw the tools, seeing an old bistoury. Laboriously he bent his legs and turned up to get to his feet on the small tray and with the fingers of his right foot, he puts on a contortionist grabbing the bistoury. Done that with agility passed to the left hand the tool. He was bound with bands of resin, the type that you pull more and more tightening. Leveraging maximum twist of the wrist, sore from the needles of the drip, she managed to unbind one arm. Rotating the arm unaturally way cut the cables of the drip, then freed his right hand. I did this without wasting time turned off the device to its supply and monitoring for do not ringing any alarms; doing this he noticed that some drip had not been opened: something had distracted the "operators"!?. Naked down the stretcher looking for clothes, finding a large pile near a wall.
In the dim light he chose some clothes and socks, chose this for size rather than to the conditions. He also found two auspex able to function: it would have been very useful to orientate! Dressing looked around and listened almost without breathing. Other people were lying on plenty of sun loungers but no signs of life, or so he thought.
He climbed on a shelf, open a skylight big enough to be able to go through and slipped out pulling below the window making close. He found himself on a ledge that leans on a high cockpit about five yards. Looked up and saw a grate, holding the better the wall reached a corner and it goes up the wall with the technique of climbing in fireplace. Now at the top pushed as might failing to disclose the grate. He coming out in a courtyard of a huge country villa, or so it seemed. There was nobody around, however, he did not know if were active alarms or there were guards or guard animals.
Two Valkyrie passed less than ten meters high but did not shoot.
« Maybe they are under attack that's why I have left unattended» he said to himself while crawling on all fours and reaches a field used for growing vegetables.

Lying on the ground close to parcels of vegetable is fed to a type of roots that aprve to recognize, despite the strange color.
Three Valkyrie came flying at low altitude, Lincoln see a species of luminescent red tentacles that wrapped vehicles and throwing them away by making them explode.
Proceeding stealth reached the bottom of the field where it grows a strange hedge. Then Lincoln picked a sprig and threw it against the vegetable after having grasped with thin lianas repulsed the back. After discovering a pound will easily pick the lock out from the estate. With the help of auspex moved in the direction where he thought they came from the Valkyrie detecting the possible presence of troops or vehicles. Meanwhile, he hoped to be unseen to anyone and especially ability to walk away unscathed.
He had some issues that he wanted to understand, but this was possible only if he had reached a safe place and then resume his rank in command.

He walk more than 10 miles off the streets holding ordinary, constantly attentive to his portable scanner to know the presence and location of anyone around him within fifty yards. Found itself in an area of dunes, barren and arid, it was then that he remembered and understood that you are within that inhibits the Augurs.
Cimbed a dune green some vehicles affected, but it seemed only a Valkyrie parked. Despite the danger it would be take a look!
Before moving expectations observing the area around, then he moved to reach the vehicles affected.
Lincoln saw the bodies of many guardsmen, but what he immediately went to check was the Valkyrie. The Cockpit had the glass smashed, one of the pilots was missing, the one at the back post was still torn by some kind of shot. Hovered the aircraft and did a check of the functions, apart from the closure seemed everything in order.
They could not even one shot!
Before boarding the vehicle tried clothes and footwear among the belongings of the fallen in battle, did what came aboard.
Bore engines idling, spun the vehicle and with instrumentation located the nearest town and taken to fly holding slightly above the ground level, so left the interdition zone and taken off headed for the hive-city Nynive.
When it was able to resume communications, called the control tower warning of his arrival in the military sector. So after a long taxi arrived unharmed hangar where waiting was Captain Blyggherhaal. He showed himself surprised about the situation, however after greeting, a rigorous martial, try asking:
« Sir, you knows some about the fate of the pilots? »
Lincoln took a disdainful expression « Died, all died for the ineptitude of some incompetent commander. Where should I bring?»
« Sir, the base commander, Sir».

After recognition by the subcutaneous chip, a fast shower and a dress change, was received by the commander of the air base.
He was sitting at his desk, looking at the pittoscreen of cogitator not stood up and not greeted. Lincoln sat down, he saw that he spoke with a less capable but said nothing.
During the seconds to wait even remembered who he was: Colonel Yirr, a climber, but unaccustomed to the battlefield.
The officer turned and said, with laconic voice: «You escaped from the Interdiction-zone, how did you manage? »
«The question is not how I came out, rather that we are losing unnecessarily aircraft and troops. I colntato least 15 Valkyrie culled and a number of slightly less than other vehicles.» said Lincoln and he goes on to say:
« For sure here were only following orders, and I do not have the lead here.»
The colonel looked at him, stolid, without saying a word
« Well we met, you have checked that I am who I say to be »
« therefore there is no other to say, Yirr, now I take a Marauder and go back to the command and if you have good sense to stop sending men down there! »
Having said that Lincoln got up and left without saying a word to the officer.

He walked away from the air-base and headed for a safe retreat where would listen and help: the Priory of “Strong Angel”, to the man who was known by the only name of "the Prior". A white gothic building towered mercilessness stemming halo of holy might, coming directly from the sublime throne of the Emperor!
Announcing giving three sharp blows with clapper.
Spent a few minutes then gentle and silent, the door opened, a servo-droid greeted Lincoln.

« Welcome General! It 'a pleasure to have you here! The Prior is waiting in the usual place, please come!»
Lincoln nodded wordlessly and started down the long corridor in penumbra, illuminated from the patio.
The Prior received him with great friendship in the doorway of a room for receptions.
Lincoln lost no time in pleasantries and explained the reason for his visit:
«During a survey I have been kidnapped by the enemy and imprisoned. However I have a period of "darkness" of memories. I do not know if I was unconscious or if I have been deleted. »
« So dear friend, how you mean I can help you?
« Your proverbial magnetism, through hypnosis I think will be helpful!»
« We are ... try!»
Lincoln put a GoPro to record the event so relaxed and with the help of the Prior walked back time, in thought, to understand past events.

The time is compact, seem one thousand hours while being just minutes, back to wakes consciousness Lincoln analyzed the footage.
He saw that his tank was hit by explosive devices, but not from tentacles from a mutagenic xenos of the Trygon! Kaos cultist reached the tank, and captured the survivors.
After listening to the podcast on the hypnotic session he concludes that the enemy is creeping into the social fabric of the planet. He talk, therefore, with the Prior.

« To break down this enemy we need a disruptive force!»
« Space Marines» replicates the Prior
« maybe a task force of Astartes ...» said Lincoln
« Ok, I know, we need of the Deathwatch»
«Well ... but how to quickly contact the command of Astartes?»
«I have a contact! I tell him for asptropatic way and we have fast a feedback! »
« However, will not be enough!»
« Perhaps...»
« We will take pariahs four or five, but not less than two!»
« Okay ... we go!»

General left the room and waited patiently walking in the cloister.
The Prior through a passage only to him does not reach the seat of the Governor; here he reached a secluded room where some Astropaths.
In one of them leave message and waits.

It was not long that the Prior entered the closter and told the General Lincoln developments:
«The squad is traveling, they land within the dawn of preferential airport.»
The general nodded and turned his back headed for the spaceport…

Punctual as a judgment the Deathwatch squad on a Thunderhawk landed when the sun began to dawn red and intense ...
Astartes were six, all with black power-armour, but on one of the shoulder straps he remained the symbol of the former chapter: Imperial Fist, Sideral Wolf, Raven Guard, Ultamarine and White Scars.
Then there were six humanoid, female, pale and emaciated face: pariah. Before the briefing Lincoln did vaccinate pariah, he did not want any disease interfere with the task.

Meanwhile the general and the head of the crew: Hurw Stonewalt, They put in place the strategy to be adopted.

They are airborne within a few miles from the borderline of exclusion zone created by the enemy.
I decided then march towards the first mansion where, in the depths, was hidden mutated Trygon.
Near the lodge, protected by the halo created by pariahs, they see red tentacles of nergia oscillate like branches in the wind
With direct style burst in hd and are killing cultists.

« No one escapes! No prisoners! » Sayd Lincoln
Down in the basement and with explosive charges and powerful psychic weapons and plasma annihilate the Trygon and eradicated as a dried root.

Abandoned the first HQ up on a low hill where it was possbile to have a clear vision of the area, it is not possible to use cybernetic systems because banned from psychic power of Trygons.

«Are Eighteen sites to find and destroy! » sayd Lyncoln
«We employ a few cycles! » replay Spiritum of Raven Guard
«You have nothing else to do? » ask Lincoln
«Maybe yes… »

Relentless and determined step by step blow after blow fell the sites occupied by the enemy until they came to the last ...
It 'a medium size building, even the largest ones purged, however, it was apparent that the power exhale from that place was esponenzialmene great.

« How do we go on?»
« We form small teams and atacchiamo on each side?»
« Wrong! It’s a mistak ,so let her play!»

We bring it out, we will give you what is voracious, it is what he wants, look, want!
Hurw pulled by his equipment a spherical container, fumbled for a moment, placed it on the ground making it adhere well to the soil
Let's move on and look forward to!
They moved a short distance from the device that began to emit lights of different colors, then there was a click and ... was issued a wave, invisible to the eye but detectable by a Psyker ...
It was not long and the usual tentacles emerged from the ground, but could not grasp, poke, check, take over the device.

At the end there it slow, creeping, voracious, frantic and ill-grown a giant mutant Trygon.
Lewd and panting reached the device-trap, was when you accovaicò on it that was terminated.

The Augur-scanner barrier was torn down, allowing air raids and mopping up the area by the ground troops. However, killing the warlord remains the "big" plotter. In a shady recess of a wooden maquis, in the deep within a large cave, they found and face a tormenting Kaos demon. Its extinction, after a hard fight exorcism, allow to liberated the planet from possible perpetuation of the Kaos infection. Inquisition investigated, for long time, to prevent identify, cleanse, sects of cultists.

Deathwatch team finished work was dissolved. Lincoln have a break in rehab, for some time, at the priory of the Strong Angel.

"Never Forget, Never Forgive! The Fallen Must Repent!"
(Deathwing Catechism)

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Trick #16

The (Luna) Wolves never die, never and ever!​

The imperial official Njmond Raggh For some time he was engaged in the fortress library "the Rock” It will engaged for the systematic of ancient astrophatics messages. He flowed huge d-pad with lots of information.
He had collected some files of some significance but not a treasure, like those who had sent him believed.

While running a new series of records, unexpectedly she found a file, coming from Istvaan III, generated on behalf of a apothecary: Bognasson Dyubergox.

+++ Istvaan III +++ imminent fall
e x t e r m i n a t u s
+++ secret informants say procedure started! +++
There is no longer enough
I put safely in the vault material +++
+++ I attach files encrypted +++
+++8OX 999 +++
end of transmission.
attached file​

The text obtained initially was not downloadable, and when he saw that he obtained it was unreadable!
Decided to move forward he turned to Captain Yumhorw, which he presented briefly the question.
He without having to meditate at length sent an official acting on a search service where magos in the lower level: Isabel Khe’ro,
she would surely be able to decrypt the message!
Njmond descents in the lower levels of the fortress meeting the magos indicated to the captain: Isabel was a statuesque woman, by the ebony skin, eyes haughty and fluting voice.
After the customary pleasantries submitted the question to Magos

«I found this encrypted message, I have a clear need to be able to decrypt it and proceed accordingly ... »
Said this he handed the d-pad with the material.
Isabel superficially observed the text, then said:
« I recognize the cryptosystem, I still need some time for translation »
« sure ... you will wait impatiently for the response ... as well as my superiors! »
« Do not worry, though requires time, will soon have the answer! The'll call you when it will be done! »
Obsequious Njmond thanked him taking leave of the magos.

Njmond returned to his analysis commitment of astropathic posts Finding some new encrypted messages but easy to translate. Indicating objects and places of high interest to the empire He also found requests for help and specific indications issues, for sure, settled for millennia.

It was not long, when a servant droid stood by Njmond, handing a d-pad also contains a holographic message. It appears the lady Isabel's face, her fluting voice, hypnotic and subtle spread around the room.
«I completed the translation, in the d-pad will find the result » The message ended with formal greetings.
Njmond analyzed the contents of the d-pad and tablets containing orbital and geographical indications of a vault where he had been estimated and hidden some Gene-Seed of loyal Space Marine Luna Wolves!

Obtained this information leaves the library and contact his superior with an astropathic massage.
relevant information +++
treasure of great value
Astartes G.S.
vault coordinates
I await orders​

Not long that an Angels task force was sent at the feral world of Istvaan. Joints not far from the orbital hook, appear to them a ghostly world, inert, if not almost totally dead.
The vessel In Nero Nebula Vincit was placed in orbit around the larger moon shadow. before sending the squad on the ground occur if there were hordes of Chaos. It identifies one vessel at opposite orbit, concealed from star light.
after verification dropped the Thunderhawk that would reach the site, where he tried to recover the precious cargo.

The gunship went faster in the atmosphere, reached the traveled on surface skimming treading the distance was about to arrive at the capital. Foolishly did not use precautions, considering to had anticipated every possible enemy. They landed on the plateau of the acropolis, coming out in any order and quickly from the Thunderhawk.
As soon as the gunship was out of earshot they were hit by enemy fire.
Two Angels were hit in the face and their heads were reduced to ashes. However, for the genetic improvement the bodies of the two Space Marines continue to move, and firing of bullets invest the foes annihilating the snipers. At the end of battle made a rapid briefing. Captain Xandrus said:

«I was proud and reckless! I caused the loss of two brother in arms ... But the foe will not prevail!»
«Sir yes sir!» Replay the squad
«Sergeant Glaucos with two brothers precede us! »
« Sir yes sir!»
« Sergeant Furio turn on the auspex! By now no more ambushes!»

So doing, during the descent towards the government building intercept and "punished" three Chaos Marines bands of the Black Legion.

« The miscreateds were here !? » ask the brother Lacedom
« No, I saw the drop-pod not far from here! » replay Sergeant Furio.
Darkness never prevail!
We come from the light,
we are the clearness
we’re the truth

Finally they reached the wreckage of the Precentor's palace. Following the instructions obtained from the astropaths message.
The structure was reduced to a pile of rubble, however, he could recognize the perimeter, So they reached the wall section that hid a secret entrance. They moved the big stones finding a passage, lining up in the dark dungeon, arrived in front of a stone-metal gate.
Captain Xandrus execute the recognition and opening ritual. With a dull clang and shrill the gate opened. Across dark corridors partially collapsed they went down in the core of the palace where the virus-bombs had not brought destruction, reaching the finals at the vault.
Xandrus with the chaplain Meldek officiate the ritual of the machine-god that did follow the combination for the opening of the armored gate.

"Hail the Omnissiah!
He is the God in the Machine,
the Source of All Knowledge…

Let's erase the name
That you should have forgove
Call of the wild
Hurry for naught
That thing gone wild…"​

There was a snort from the ancient pistons, which was followed by a squeak far and thin. The gate opened with an unnatural lightness though numerous heavy tons. In front of the Space Marines appear huge hall shrouded in darkness. With their lamps sought and found the light switches, survival batteries were still charged, a diaphanous bluish light cleared the huge hall. A great deal of any kind had been neatly stowed. They sought only the gene-seed container. Identified carrying everything to the edge of the cave, returning to carefully close the gate to the vault. Contact the orbital ship who promptly sent the Thunderhawk.

Before the arrival of the gunship Xandrus gave precise instructions, he arranged four groups of fire preventing ground attacks and air strike. Auspex had revealed the landing of some drop-pod, they must act with prudence and alertness!
During landing and loading of gunship, Space Marines intercept some Chaos bands making harmless their attacks and eliminating bullets directed at their address.

Returned on starship in orbit, yet the troubles were not over! From the shade of the Istvaan III moon came five missiles. Shields and anti-aircraft managed to block the rockets. The response time of the attack was enough to make useful calculations in the way back to Immaterium.

Like a seemingly endless In Nero Nebula Vincit came out of the warp in the solar system of the Sacred Terra, most closed of the planet Mars orbit.
After the security procedures and quarantine exorcisms against the warp’s demons, was allowed to land the Thunderhawk with the precious cargo.

Xandrus sent the chaplain Meldek on the planet with three brothers in arms to convoy out the container of the gene-seed. waiting for a hidden hangar at the cosmodrome the lord Decio Lupo Gordiano. To him turn received the precious load, without formality.

After having dismissed the Space Marines with the help of some servant droids, Decio Lupo Gordiano did carry the gene-seed in a secret place of the red planet, where with the supervision of the techno-magos Lumpiddhium, studied the genetic material, to verify possible contamination. Check the purity, plan a route gene-seed reuse.

«We tested the purity of the gene»
«the response?»
«purity, conservation and liveliness are awesome! Furthermore I found this ...»
said showing a cryogenic tube
«What's in it exactly? Maybe what I think ?!... Serum!?»
«Right it! The serum of Luna Wolves!»

Lord Gordiano stay to reflect
The magos saw a light in the eyes of the Lord, had a premonition and said
«No, we can’t! It is forbidden! After the age of Strife… you know! »
«Quiet! I tested the gene and the serum to form a squad inside the chapter of the Dark Angels. They will be the Squad. LV or LW… ah ah ah ah!»
«Angels? Why not Space Wolves?»
«We have a material of a primigenial chapter let's see how it behaves, using it, and after we decide what to do».

Genetic need a little time but at the end raise the LV squad, incorporated into the ranks of the Dark Angels, selected on a small planet not far where was the recondite Cthonia.
Under the command of Company Master Balthasar, spinn-off of the 5th, with the captain Kallyae the sergeant Stpharium and the librarian Annyrius.

They were posted on the feral world Baghalusseggh, they had to retrieve the relics inside the underground of an abandoned factory.
Before the landing of the orbital surveys had detected the presence of Blood Pact troops.

«We will move fast»
«We will arrive silent»
«we will be precise »
«we will be quick»
«We are in the legend!»
«Ok Squad LV, marching!»

The Drop-pod fell a short distance from the target. They reached the building without fully engaged in fighting. The squad fell to the penultimate level. Only the captain went with the Librarian and two brothers in arms.

for a narrow staircase they reached the shrine, a very large room and dimly lit. They moved cautiously, beginning to explore the walls, to the search the place that concealed or contained the object of their search.
Two shadows moved extremely fast, only through the senses heightened of the Space Marines was possible to sense movement.
Bro Centurio slung his bolter, drew his psionic blade, wordlessly gestured he agreed to the brother in arms Hulf. Meanwhile, the captain and the librarian were steady. The two moved so incredibly quickly going to grab one of the two shadows, or what seemed to shadow, annihilate it. So, they do not spent a lot that occupied the second shadow doing likewise.
Result: LV Squad 1, Chaos 0!

A second mission included the rejoin the fleet in orbit of a moon in Segmentum Obscurus. During transfer they stopped at orbital station near a small moon, at their arrival was reported a problem about a starship anchored in orbit on the shade side of the moon.
LV squad was chosen to travel to verify the problem, knowing that it was an ambush, it was still required to eliminate the problem to secure the passing trains. A failure was not expected! That station was too important to the imperial galactic traffic!

On board a freight shuttle unmarked, maneuvering the bare minimum they approached the starship adrift. The Auspex spotted in the shadow of a Chaos ship, deviated they are reaching and engage the ship.
«May be thirty individuals detected inside». Said bro Chennay
«They move?» asked the librarian Annyrius.
«Are hostages ... or else! »

Through a secondary duct entered the ship and following the directions of the psychic senses of the librarian, spotted and annihilated nine marines Chaos. Also they found thirty individuals dying wrapped in a cobweb life, they loaded their in ship hangar entrusting them to the early care of servant- apothecary.

End this part of task move to the second starship, where the auspex report a big number od foes. They switch from the main hangar date back to the launch catapults. They expected the Chaos Space Marine, they instead a horde of Necron lost.
Like a dormant fire lit their mighty fury the powerful maul psychic combined with the destructive energy of the Squad. LV with disintegration skill annihilated the foes, reducing them to flakes and iron filings.
Ended the clash, lost no time, predispose the ignition of starship engines, and after having abandoned, then they looked at disappear in the darkness of Empyrean.

Something that was believed lost it was found
what was foe has redeemed
luna and the wolves always walk together
LV Squad, 5th Dark Angels in action!​

I'm a rolling thunder, a pouring rain
I'm coming on like a hurricane
I’m a Luna Wolves
My lightning's flashing across the sky...
I won't take no prisoners, won't spare no lives
Nobody's putting up a fight
I got my bell, I'm gonna take you to hell (AC DC).

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In a remote village of the plains of an agri-world in the Segmentum Pacificus, she ran through the tall grass of a grassy path, with serene face and long hair out of the race and moved by the breeze a brisk wind.
She reached the ascent of a low hill and when it was halfway there was a scream, followed by a cry. Sisters, brothers and cousins were playing with her then they stopped instantly and hastening to looking for what happened.
They found her sitting on the grasses with his face to the sky eyes closed and cheeks were wet by tears.
« What’s happened? »asked her
Sobbing she answered
« A shadow came sudden It wanted to grab me! it has scratched me! »
So saying she showed strange scratches on one arm and a leg.
There was a rumble coming, all those present raised their heads and they saw a grey stain in the sky, after a few seconds it became a black disc like a second sun, a star that bursts in the atmosphere. Then everything disappears. The wind blowing brought a sound like a voice that seemed to say:
« The child, the child, protect her, bring her to me…»

Lady Martha-leen reprise from fainting, occurred as a result of a series of close explosions. Around her destruction, injuries and deaths. Four Seraphim Sisters were electrocuted, of them she was able to recover the bodies, saving and making withdraw two squads of Sisters of Battle and a battalion of Imperial Guards. Then she fell fainting following the barrage of enemy artillery.
Defended by a natural stone wall she watched the situation around, realizing that short her with the rest of the army, would soon have been surrounded if their aid had not intervened the Air Force with a barrage together with the General Gup and his heavy artillery. Realized that her Vox-caster was out of order or bust, also a wound to the forehead prevented her from reaching the right concentration for a astropathic message, she decided to try a pyrotechnic signal. Linked some bullets of heavy bolter with the buster of Jump Pack. The explosion tore a pillar of fire high over 300 yards of pure promethium liquid, and at the same tonal sound wave that corresponds to a conventional distress signal.
Did not take long before the sound of a flock Valkyrie bursts into the operations theater, releasing blasting bombs and downloading the machine guns on everything that moved.
Came upon Thunderhawk, which pick up the Imperial personnel, dead, injured or still engaged in combat. Lady Martha-leen swooned again to fatigue and injuries, but assault of Chaos had been blocked and the enemy retreated in order.

It was a sunny day but cold and in the afternoon of that day long ago had spread the news of the arrival of a black starship. Martha-leen inquired about his whereabouts and put on one of her favorite dress, a black leather bag with some personal effects and reached the starship. Arrived there she meets a lady with a long silvery-colored dress.

«Good morning! I'm Martha-leen and I have to go with you ... Madam»
the woman turned and laid two fingers, cold, on a little girl's cheek, watched her for a few moments
«Iit is not yet time, this is not your little girl ... ship must be patient a little again»
Long after she discovered that the woman was Matye-Antjell Inquisitive looking for psykers to "throw" in the Imperial Throne battery.

Martha was picked up by the commander Athaer Rethdalf who handed her over by two Imperial Guards, they carried her away from the battlefield theater, loading her on an orbital shuttle in order to bring her to the care of the apothecary Sylivius on the starship “Legio Potens Mea” docked in orbit. She needed a convalescent rehabilitation ‘cause she could return to physical and psychic forces.

« It is a pleasure to see you standing milady » Said the commander Athaer welcoming Martha-leen on the starship bridge.

The woman eyes opened wide in disbelief, «You, you are the commander Athaer Rethdalf, the great chief, member with Drag Korf, Ghil Feamoth and his marvelous Dheyron Cheldwaith of Hermada Circle… you, you, you are not true! You are just a legend!»

The commander Athaer seemed not to hear, and turned to Lady Martha-leen asking directly:
« You know why they had sent here?»
«For defend the Empire!»
«Ah! This is propaganda!
«The reason is hidden in the planet's Core»
«And, what there is?»
«An ancient product cybernetic made probably by the Eldars thousands of years ago they found a being who possessed an energy and natural psychic super-might »
« Hidden in the planet's Core »
« The individual was modified with bio-mechanical inserts »
« Perhaps it was also used, but they realized that it was still "unripe" »
« They decided to adjusted in the core of a planet, waiting for the opportune time that is, evidently, not arrived yet! Now is still hibernating »
«Mmm intresting… but»
« Inquisitor helped by some of the magos has discovered this creatrure».
«So we are here to prevent the hordes of chaos…»
«Right… Therefore we must drive out the foes without using an orbital attack! ».
« What we would be doing exactly?».
« Seal the dungeon that leads to the nest».
«Then make a multiple attack at five strongholds of Chaos».

A time so far as to be almost forgotten what looks like a dream Jerobel a sergeant of the chapter of the Word Bearers, engaged in a tough fight on a feral world in Ultima Segmentum, against imperial Fist and Bloody Angels, was barricaded in a large building, aware of a combined attack of missiles and psychic waves, put rescued himself and his warband and as he did so he noticed the presence of an important contributor belonging to a cultist sect: he was the Lord Dlumagut. That man grateful revealed to ... a hidden planet which concealed a millennial might constituted by the Eldar. The coordinates were hidden in a message astrophatic. found who would get the key to enormous power.
«Find the coordinates we will meet again and together we will take that extreme might!»
The sergeant nodded.

Jerobel, Captain of the Word Bearers concealed in its fortress beneath the surface of the planet
« Captain why you have not want to call Dlumagut?»
«When I saved in a battle where he was about to be killed… revealed to me about an astrophatic message that would indicate how to get to this "power"»
«and what’s happend?»
« After a long time I have found traces that led me here!»
«And do not rise in you the doubt which Dlumagut want to use?»

as there is no pity in this world,
but before all I’m a Space Marine,
servant of the Chaos,
however a Space Marine,
the war is my meaning,
part of my existence,
my breath,
the bit of my heart,
the sense of my action,
wherever there is a war there I want to be
there eternal war is my creed,
the war is all
for me the war is all
I'm all by war
all one with her!​
as long as there exist the war, the Space Marines and I will exist, there is no deception or falsehood only eternal struggle without quarter until the end of the hell of heaven!»

It was a clear night in winter with high snow fall recently that the fate of the little Martha-leen changed. At the door of the family home they stood by three individuals, two women and one man. The Martha-leen parents made them sit in the beautiful drawing room and they held a conversation with them that lasted a lot, It was calm and frank, detailed, covering the future of their daughter, they wanted to know as much as possible of what awaited her and if it would be possible to revise it on a frequent basis. The only man of the fellow who had been silent until then, spoke:
«The Empire has people like us who collect talents throughout the galaxy, usually they are orphaned or are taken just. Yours is certainly an anomaly. While it is therefore true that the service is exclusive to the Emperor, and considering the extraordinary nature of your daughter, though usually there is not programmed any family reunion, for you do not feel to exclude, without wanting to give any illusion».
That night Martha-leen went from home for a new chapter of its existence, secret and special to the world, with a prospect of eternity unthinkable to any individual in his normal life.

It was given the signal to start operations: destroy, remove and seal. A single large wave of troops and means, bringing together task force extra-planetary and already on the ground. After the reunification needed for a final briefing troops divided into five armed forces, Four were sent to besiege many strongholds, attacks leading to the ramparts and sealing the filling dungeon and passage. The fifth group brought a great assault from the ground, from under the ground and from the air, to the mighty fortress built within a meteor impact crater, whose ramparts were, in part, made up from rocks peaks melted and then solidified.
In the beginning there was the wave of ground and underground, then launched in a drop-pod made her entrance Lady Martha-leen. A psychic wave that accompanied and reinforced the blows of weapons, brought destruction and annihilation between the files of Chaos.
Meanwhile a special squad reached the hidden entrance of the dungeon, leading to the planet's core, sealed a large part of the duct, so that in the millennia to come no one disturb the incubation underway.

The Eldar built from a living individual something that would be similar to a C’tan. After thousands, perhaps millions, of attempts, they got "something" stable. So if they had lost their C'tan, but was possible to get back a portion of that lost might. The fate walking on winding streets and their Ya-Gog got out of control and hiding in safe rocky belly of a planet, and the Core became its cradle.
Me, Dlumagut, take and I will use this immeasurable weapon.

Battle was over. Bentonite columns tall more than 70,000 feet scrape the atmosphere. Jerobel in a fit of rage was about to get on a Rhino and continue the fight when seven Chaos Marines grabbed him and put him in a shuttle. After flying low to evade foe’s auspex and augur, found refuge on an ancient starship at anchor in the shadow of a not distant moon. Found the quiet Jerobel took off his helmet and sitting watching a pict-screen analyzed the developments of the attack at the fortresses Cierń.
then turning to brother Bluk said:
« Maybe they believe to have annihilated every opponent »
«Yeah… ah ah ah »
«But, we are here and we will continue our… leave an astropathic message and register on our cogitator the astral coordinates »
«Sir yes Sir!»
«The war carry on,
war is our motive,
War is our reason,
we are the war,
false Emperor is my foe
Eternal is the war!»​
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