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also if if anyone has a few Elysian drop troop weapons (Sniper rifles, plasma guns, meltaguns, Elysian lasguns etc etc etc) lying around I would be most grateful indeed.

Since buying my DA box set I do have a few DA bits lying around, also I do have a whole bag of Death Korps of Krieg Advancing (10 men in total, non built) HOWEVER I warn you that when I received them at Games day I failed to notice that a few of the barrels were damaged (tips broken off or just missing) but if your interested.

I also have a few bits and pieces in my Bits boxes lying around, however I do not have:
Dark Eldar
or many Chaos bits (mainly heads)

so if your interested in them it would be difficult.

I hope thats enough info, if you need to just PM me

thanks in advance
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