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ok so i have been building up my chaos army over time and with money a little tight this coming month i'm kit bashing to make a Lord on Juggernaut. I wanted to create a list for him to march along with and he is what i have so far. (The Lord HAS to be in this list)

Lord w/ Juggernaut, x2 Lightning Claws, MOK, Melta Bombs - 165pts
8 Khorne Beserkers w/ Power fist, Skull Champion - 208pts
9 Thousand Sons w/ Bolt of Change - 269pts
T-Sons Rhino w/ Extra armour - 50pts
5 Havocs w/ x4 Heavy bolters, IOG - 160pts
Chaos Vindicator w/ Possession - 145pts

Total - 1000pts
Lord will be with his kin and the rhino will zoom up with them lending fire support and unloading it contence when right(or blowen up). Havocs will lend fire support and Vindicator will also lend fire support. This list is a ver shooty force with my Zerkers being my combat soilders. Opions?
*If you want to see what i'm doign for the conversion look at this thread http://www.heresy-online.net/forums/showthread.php?t=71358
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