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ok. heres the skinny. i just bought a huge collection of 40k armies from a guy for a huge steal. not going to say how big.
but heres a brief list of what i plan to keep from the collection.
marneus calgar
30 assault marines
8 marines with plasma guns
2 marines with melta
2 plasma cannons
2 lascannons
25 marines with bolters
2 emperor champions
some special characters whose names i dont remember, but i know 1 is space wolves, and 2 others are dark angel
cpt tycho
land raider
land speeder
8 terminators with lightning claws
4 terminators with thunder hammers

so with the above, it brings my total space marine army up to
4 land raiders
4 predators
1 razorback
2 rhinos
120ish (ballpark) space marines
6 plasma cannons
3 multimeltas
6 lascannons
20 terminators
15 assault terminators (light claws and t hammers)
35 SM with jump packs
alot of HQ choices and special characters
6 dreadnoughts
8 SM with plasma guns
2 melta guns
some plasma pistols
15 scouts, 5 with sniper rifles

so here is my question. WHAT THE HELL KIND OF ARMY DO I BUILD? I NEED IDEAS?!?!?!?! my normal one was 6 tactical squads, split into combat sqds with plasma cannons and flamers. 1 sqd 10 vangaurd marines. devestator sqd with missle launchers, chapter master with honor guard. either 2 predators or 1 pred and land raider. and a chaplin in term armor with terminators.

any ideas?

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ha ha ha

ha ha ha... funny...nids, lol.

i guess i am just overwhelmed with the diversity that i dont know which way to go.

i think i should go with a theme army and roll with it. i dont do anything on the tournament scene, and just play at a friends house, so i can build something thatll be fun.

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I would say a large one?
Looks like you have enough for anything. The only things that look a little light on is speeders bikes and drop pods. Other than that you could just about anything. With that much stuff you could brobably build a couple. Maybe one based on the std marine codex and one based on the BA dex. Would give you plenty of options.
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