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This will be the home of the fluff for my DIY space marine chapter The Stray Wolves.
The project log can be found }HERE{

Name: The Stray Wolves.
Founding chapter: Unknown. (Rumoured to be a splinter of the disbanded Wolf Brother Chapter)
Founding: Self established
Chapter Master: Unknown
Homeworld: Fleet based
Fortress-Monastery: The Sanctuary.
Main colours: Gray, Black With fur.
Specialty: Mixed Stance.
Battle Cry: "Fight As One And Never Surrender"
Estimated strength: 200-300
Chapter Symbol: Wolves Claw​

The Stray Wolves are rumoured to have been started by a splinter group of around 70 marines from the Space Wolves disbanded second founding Wolf brother chapter that were unaffected by the genetic instability that affected the rest of their chapter.

Some of the Wolf Brothers were away on a exploratory/recruitment mission to a small remote planet on the outer fringes of the imperium when they received word from a small surviving group that the Chapter was under Expurgation.

They laid low on this planet while recruiting to increase their ranks and fermenting their hatred for the Inquisition that expurgated them.
Their recruiting practises are somewhat unorthodox as not only do they recruit in the standard manner,
But, as to boost their numbers faster may also take on other marines that have turned their backs on or been cast out of the imperium but haven't fallen to chaos.
These recruited 'Lost' marines must go throw far greater test's then the standard recruits to prove their trust worthy.

The Stray Wolves display a mixed stance in combat and are not specialised in any one area.

Unlike most Renegade chapters which have devoted themselves to the Chaos gods, The Stray Wolves drift along the outer reaches of the Imperium, Defending what they call 'Forsaken imperial worlds'.

All the while increasing their numbers in the hope of someday avenging their lost Brothers.


What you are about to read is highly confidential and is the only known record of the unforgivable actions our lost brothers suffered at the hands of The Inquisition.

'Mayday, mayday, This is the Free Wolf to The Long Claw are you receiving.
mayday, mayd-'

'We are receiving Free Wolf, Brother Bayard speaking, what is your situation.'

'Scout sergeant Tristan here with scouts sawyer and Dylan, Our vessel is hit and we are losing structural integrity, can you prepare the docking station.
we should be in your immediate vicinity within 4 minutes.
There are pressing matter's that must be attended to. we are the last, we hav-'

'The last, what do you mean' interrupted Bayard.

'We have been betrayed by The inquisition,' Scout Tristan's voice shortened as he continued.
'A Great company that recently returned home have shown sighs of mutation and The inquistion have deemed our gene-seed unstable.
not all were affected but all have been eradicated. We are the last Brother.'

A few moments later Bayard replied in a harsh tone 'Are you affected?'

'No' Answered Scout sergeant Tristan.
'It would seem that only the Company that returned were affected but the Inquistion has decided that expurgating the whole chapter is the only way to be sure this will not spread'
'brother, we are approaching the barge, are we clear to dock?'

'You are clear. I will inform commander Cadmar of the situation and We shall continue your report in person. Bayard out-'

Stage 2; Bearer of bad news

A short time after being informed on the current state of affairs Commander Cadmar decide's to gather his remaining brothers in the training hall.

'Brothers' boomed cadmar and all 73 assembled marines stood tall and stared forward.
'I gather you here with a heavy Weight in my hearts, I have sour news of our kin back on The Lycaon,
I regret to inform you, they are no more."

'HOW DID THIS COME TO BE!' Shouted a voice three rows in.

'We have been betrayed by the very people we trusted most,
The Inquisition have decided we are no longer viable and have deemed it necessary to expurgate our chapter and our gene-seed'


'In short. They found instability within the gene-seed of a returning company and have come to the conclusion we shall all be destroyed.' replied Cadmar,

Then continued.
'Due to these unforgivable events I have become the highest rank among us and it falls to me to ensure the future of us all.'

'many of you may see only one option and that is to return to Lycaon post haste and avenge our brothers'
'As much as I find this idea appealing, I fear it may only lead us to our doom,'

'so I propose this to you,
We continue with the recruitment from these forsaken Imperial worlds and gain number,
Then when we are strong once more, we strike and destroy those who have tried to destroy us,'

Cadmars voice rose to a shout.
'We will no longer be the guard dogs of the Imperium, but will break away from the self serving imperium.'
'We will no longer answer to the Inquisition, but destroy them wherever possible.'
'We are no longer who we were before, We must fight the injustice and anarchy within the imperium and spread the true light of the emperor. we shall now only ever be known as The Stray Wolves.'
'are you with me brothers!'

To which all 73 marines replied.......
............... 'STRAY WOLVES!'


Punx For Life
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Hi guys, Just looking for a bit of feed back after reading this on another site.
Don't use Space Wolf gene-seed for your chapter.
This goes along the lines of using Traitor legion gene-seed for foundings. Only one other chapter to use the SW gene-seed, the Wolf Brothers, and they are no longer in existence. After this, the use of SW gene-seed was forbidden. The only fluffy way you can get away with SW gene-seed is by creating a Cursed (21st) or Dark (13th) Founding chapter, but it is highly unlikely that they would know who their gene-seed is from. It's easier to use the SW rules and come up with some other explination for their rules. Rename equipment and come up with a new idea why they have the rules they do.
I'm justifying them using space wolf gene seed by having them rumoured to be a splinter of the Wolf brothers that were unaffected by the unstable gene seed.
which bring's me to this.....

Chapters are not formed from lost/forgotten companies.
Any company or detachment of a chapter lost or forgotten by the parent chapter does not get to create their own chapter just because they paint their armour a different colour and change their name. A company of Dark Angels separated from the Chapter for however long, are still Dark Angels, and would simply be reabsorbed when they made contact with the Rock..
So would you call my idea a SM chapter or just a warband,
and what about my recruitment process.

Can anyone help me clean up the fluff a bit as I don't know much of the background and have only read a few books (both OF THE SPACE MARINES, CHAPTER WAR, FEAR THE ALIEN, ETC).


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Who ever told you that the Space Wolves gene seed was forbidden from being used is talking a load of sweaty old bollocks.

It's extremely rare that it's used because it's so mutated but I've not seen any info suggesting it's forbidden, and trying to use a Codex Chapter like the Dark Angels to justify what a wildly divergent Chapter like one descended from Russ would do is crazy.

More than one Space Wolves Great Company has left Fenris on campaign and just decided not to go back, eventually they're replaced but it's not unheard of. Plus if your Chapter is formed from the remanants of a Chapter that was disbanded how would they go about reintergrating with their parent force once more?

I'm all for plausibility, in my mind it's the most important thing for a background to be believed by the majority, and whilst your force is extreme it stills falls within the realms of easy believability.

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The Stray Wolves are your creation. I don't think anybody should mess with with them. And talking about correctness regarding to fluff, what is legal to do etc. don't bother. GW themselves are not consistent with backgrounds for the different chapters. They change it as they see fit.
So if you say The Stray Wolves are a chapter and they recruit as you describe, so it is. In my opinion anyway :)
Please keep on with The Stray Wolves, i am looking forward to see what you have in store for us.

Punx For Life
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Cheers spikey & Zodd, looks like I'm on the right path, thanks for the feedback.

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