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Slave to Heresy!
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Well i'm back on there, username Jezlad.

I'm building a Human team based on the members of Heresy Online, first come first served.


I need to know who wants which position. I won't represent myself. I'll be the head coach.

I've gone for a survivable 12 man starting team. The fan factor is pretty low at 5 but this tend to shoot up quickly with a good run of results. 3 rerolls is a good number to begin with, certainly enough for the first 20 games without having to fork out double for another one. I've decided to go without the Ogre to start with, Elf coaches tend to avoid you in the first few games when you take one.

I'm not an especially good human coach so i'm not expecting the 20/0/0 records that i'm used to with Orcs.

Every game will get a brief report in this thread. This is the team.

What I need you guys to do is post your chosen position in here, i'll pencil you into the starting line up. If you die on the field theres no coming back!!

The following people have been reserved a space (if you want it). Wraithlord, Anphicar, Vash, Longbeard, Uber, cccp_one, Elchimpster and Jigplums.

Blitzer - Viscount Vash
Blitzer - Jacobite
Blitzer - Sei 'fir

Thrower - cccp_one
Thrower - LongBeard

Catcher - Lord Sinkoran
Catcher - purerockfury

Lineman - Initiate
Lineman - MarzM
Lineman - Kelvingreen
Lineman - Gore Hunter
Lineman - GRiM-ReAPeR

Lets do it!

Jac "Baneblade" O'Bite
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I have no idea what any of the positions mean but count me in, thats if you want me in. If not forget it.

Are there any positions which just involve tackling/punching people in the face and not actually ever touching the ball. If so thats probably best for me for both our sakes. I'm not very good at catching, throwing or kicking but jumping on people and stopping them doing anything well I've got that down pat. :lol:

Also it's good to see your sticking with the tried and true name.

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gimme lineman, that the position i always play in football (btw, im hardcore football player)
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