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Right here's what I've got people but I think he needs more can you help?

Jaghati Khan Primarch of the white Scars

Khan and Russ were said to be the best of brothers and when these two Primarchs joined forces they were unstoppable. Their legend grew with the events of the Horus Heresy, the White Scars fighting on hundreds of worlds against the traitorous forces of Chaos. It is known that much of the Legion, including its Primarch, was present during the siege of the Emperor’s Palace on Terra. Jaghatai fought alongside his brethren for another seventy years, eventually disappearing into a region of space known as the Maelstrom. He is believed to have been in pursuit of the Dark Eldar responsible for attacking his home world during the Great Crusade, and has not been seen since.

Jaghatai Khan
Pts 600
Ws 8
Bs 6
S 6
T 8
W 6
I 6
A 8+D6
Ld 10
Sv 2+/4+
Wargear: Khan’s Bike, Raider’s Scimitar, Bow of Khan.

Khan’s Bike: A huge Bike Fitted with a Plasma Cannon it is said that the bike looks like A Monstrous beast and is about the size of a Juggernaught. The confurs +2 Toughness to Khan and is fitted with a twinlinked Plasma cannon. Khan’s bike is so huge that it ignores difficult terrain and moves through dangerous terrain as if through difficult terrain to represent him ploughing through it. If Khan Turbo boosts he may assault but he may not shoot and he may also move 12" and fire both weapons and assault in the same turn as long as he assaults the unit he fired at.

Raider’s Scimitar: A huge jewel encrusted scimitar able to penetrate the thickest armour and tear open the thickest skins. It is a master crafted power weapon that has the rending ability which ignores invulnerable saves as well as armour saves and adds D6 attacks to Khan’s profile.

Khan’s Bow: A deadly bow with several types of arrow tipped with explosives and deadly armour piercing tips.
The Basic Bow has Str4 Ap3 Rapid Fire. He may also fire one special arrow Per turn which then may only be used twice in a battle. (Khan’s Bow counts as Master crafted and he has 2 of each special arrow).
Special Arrows:

Explosive Tip: STR 6 AP3 small blast.

Melta Arrow: STR 8 AP 1 This may only be fired at a vehicle and receives +2D6 Str against armour(This does count as a melta weapon).

Piercing shot: Hits on 2+ wounds on 3+ Ap2

Expert Shot: Khan is an expert shot and knows what part of anatomy to hit to have the greatest effect. He may always re roll to wound.
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