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Jac's Dablings

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Hey all

Now that I'm on holiday I can paint which is just as well as I'm begining to go stir crazy. I hate being left to do nothing. Although I'm still looking for a place to live I can't really do much over the Christmas period. So with that in mind and partly inspired by Heph's Armsrace I've started this. Although this isn't going to be anywhere near as flash.

So it begins. First up is the =I= side of things:

Terminator =I= who I made a while back, he needs to be changed a bit and his henchmen conisting of:

Plasma Cannon (Vostroyan HW Team)
Heavy Bolter (Steel Legion HW Team)
Heavy Bolter (Skitarri HW Team (Not Yet Bought)
Sage (Navy Forward Observer - Cadian Parts)

Group Shot

His psycannon has been redone to have a wolfs head barrell (your fault Heph!!!) and I've taken his axe away and replaced it with a Chaos Head. Needs Greenstuffing and painting

Plasma Cannon team made from a Vostroyan Lascannon team and a Space Marine Plasma Cannon. Needs Greenstuffing and painting.

Bog standard Steel Legion Heavy Bolter team which I managed to pick up at my local IR 2 days ago. Needs Greenstuffing, gluing and painting

Next up the beginings of the Dunblain Highlanders
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Looks like this will be an interesting project to follow Jac.
Looking good so far Jac.

Stripping can be fun, it just depends on who is doing it.... :eek:k:
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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