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I want to try running an Iyanden list with a wraith theme. Your thoughts and advice please.

So firstly I wanted to have a WraithSeer as my hq, along with several spirit seers to lead my wraithguard units.

Planned on having two wraithguard units in serpents, armed with d_scythes.

Then I wanted two units of wraithguard footslogging, not sure how to equip these, was thinking ghost axe and forcefield.

Then I was thinking two units of wraithguard with their wraithcannons also footslogging.

For heavy support, I was thinking wraithlords, and wraithknight, at 2k points I can have double for chart, plus if I recall correctly I can use the ghost warriors data slate formation. This would allow me to take 3 wraithlords as heavy support, as well as taking a wraithknight as additional hq, and my warlord.

At higher points I'd be tempted to take another wraithknight and another wraithSeer.

Anybody done this kinda list? How did it work? What tactics did you use?
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