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Iyanden, FW style

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Decided to write a list giving the new IA11 v2 book a spin.

Craftworld Warhost

Core: Pale Courts Battlehost
options: Graveyard of Dreams, Tomb-ship of Fallen Heroes

Wraithseer - D-Cannon

Wraithblades x5 (Axe/Shield)
Wraithblades x5 (Axe/Shield)
Wraithblades x5 (Swords)

Wraithlord - x2 Missile Launchers, x2 Flamers, Ghostglaive

Aux: Wraith Host

Spiritseer - Spirit Stone of Anath'lan, Kurnous' Bow, Witchstaff

Wraithguard x5
Wraithguard x5
Wraithguard x5

Wraithlord - x2 Missile Launchers, x2 Flamers, Ghostglaive

Skathach Wraithknight - Inferno Lance, Scattershield, Starcannon x2


(for those that don't know, the Pale Hosts are completely customizable. The two options I took allow for the required Farseer to be replaced by Wraithseer or Spiritseer, and to replace the required 3 Guardian Host with Wraithblades).
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That is pretty nasty list there & makes the Iyanden supplement from GW pointless
Depending on who you ask, it already is. Because it's the only supplement that's no longer being sold by GW, most people would say that it IS obsolete, and no longer playable.

The Spiritseer part hasn't changed; the CWE codex said you can't use Wraiths as troops. The Pale Courts from IA11 change the Core options for the Warhost rather than how Troop choices work.
The list was mostly theory-crafting; I can't afford putting together a new force right now. As for the blades, that was my thought; hitting from behind the axe-wielders. Also wanted to see a little variety on the board. Maybe even put the Wraithseer in their squad (he's a monstrous IC, so as long as he joins them, but no one can join him), like bubblewrap.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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