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It's Finished! Finally FINISHED!!!! MUHAHAHA!!!

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So the AlieNaught is finished. Let me know what you think. I shaved down the tail and sculpted it a bit more, created a custom Close combat arm with flamer, and spent my mental load.

I hope you all enjoy. So without further delay!

Please please please give some C&C, This is my masterpiece (as of yet).

woog out!
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This Dreadifex is clearly the product of a warped and twisted mind, direly in need of professional help.

I approve wholeheartedly :biggrin:
umm this is what happens wen u let a carnifex and a dreadnought hook up...

but this is pretty awesome
my only dislike is I think the tail is a little to big and chunky
Thanks everyone! This thing took forever so your approval makes me feel like continuing my endevors.

woog out!
It's totally stark raving bonkers, but pure class nonetheless.
you just described me to the T. :grin:

woog out
I spy with my little eye bits from the following boxes; Chaos dread, Carnifex, Daemon Prince and list goes on.
nice work (i think you may need mental help along with me however)
Nice work, congrats! now how about some stats to go with the model?
spikey chaos tank bits, mighty putty, combi-flamer, and a mawlock head piece.

woog out!
Nice work, congrats! now how about some stats to go with the model?
Stats? ask and i'll answer

woog out!

(sorry for the double post.)
I love it. The Tail as a bit.... thick. But the front pick that hides the tail really looks epic.
curses to that tail! i tell you all that it's a combination of the metallic paint i put in my wash, my camera, poor lighting, and the angles i took the shots at. The tail is a bit thick but it looks much better IRL. It doesn't photograph well. I'll clean my lense, get some better lighting and take another shot. I'll get back on that tomorrow. But thanks for all the positive support.

woog out!
its disturbing and weird, good job man.

Oh wow, talk about threadromancy :(
It looks awesome!

I do agree that the tail doesn't necassirily look out of place but it is far too chunky.
Good but the tail really ruins the model for me, it just looks too large and out of place.
i was really tempted to tear the tail off and redo it but, with my cordless dremel that runs on double A batteries it was neigh impossible to sand down the epoxy i used. It also balances the model because of it's forward leaning stance. I hate seeing that thing fall over. Aside from the tail i'm glad everyone liked it.

woog out!
Aye, the tail is a little out of place, but damn that thing is scary. I can kind of hear the T rex from Jurassic Park when looking at it..
I think the tail looks awesome and fits it well.
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