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Good morning all!
Just got back into the Warhammer scean after a good 7-10 years. I used to collect The Empire and Ultramarines back then, and had quite a big army of each. I bought some Vampire Counts around 6 years ago, and decided to open them last week after battering Warfare Vermintide for the PS4. I do quite a lot of YouTube streaming and Vermintide blew up for me, and I remembered how great the Warhammer universe is.
It's all changed of course! The new look age of Sigmar looks good and easy enough to follow, and 4 other YouTubers have joined me and we've started collecting again.
I personally have stuck with Death, and picked up the Vampire Counts Starter Set, and set to work with my favorite part...painting
I've done a fair bit so far but I'm focusing on big detail with the paint.
This is the results so far...

As always, any hints/tips appreciated!

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Welcome. Heretic! :crazy:
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