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Island of Blood AOS Warscrolls.

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Just discovered that Warscrolls exist for the Island of Blood box set. Not seen it mentioned before.

The warscrolls in it are the same as the High Elf and Skaven scrolls in there regular compendiums, but its neat to have the scrolls for the box set in one place.

There are battalions for each army at the end of the scrolls that give them some nice special rules. For example, Prince Althran and the High Elf Mage Caladris can re-roll hit rolls, wound rolls and save
rolls whilst they are within 10" of each other.

Download it here:-


Most GW's still have copies of Island of Blood. I picked one up recently as I wanted to get into Age of Sigmar but didn't fancy Sigmarines or Khorne stuff.
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It's nice to have scrolls, but Sigmar, while a mechanically fine game, has passed my FLGS by. It's a shame, but the lack of points system is a major flaw. Thanks for the info.
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