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There really ain't enough enemies, for all of the many imperial worlds to face war, but i think "there is only war" I believe may be more refering towards the large wars and protracted combats which are comparitivly common than current history.

My thought is that currently in the world there is conflicts in the middle east and africa (current goings on i may not be up on). If you think in 40k there are major wars such as the tyranids on the easten fringe, orks everywhere particularly Armageddon wheres there is a giant combat still going on, all of the stuff surrounding the black crusades particularly the 13th. Just to throw out a couple of the more major stuff.

So really in the scheme of things the few hundred thosand people compaired to the billions involved above, i think the ratio is still higher in the case of the warhammer 40000 universe
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