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Am I wrong?

Our strength does not come from our special or rare slots. It comes from FUCK OFF HUGE units of core choices (minimum 36 orcs.. gobbos in 50's at the smallest), we get possibly the best benefit of both Horde AND Steadfast.

I generally field the follwoing as special:

0 black orcs
0 chariots
0 boar boyz
0 spear chukkas

you see the pattern here?

don't get me wrong, our special units can be funky. Boar boyz our now a viable option in plastic as they need to be in a biggish unit.

Black orcs are too many points for bugger all saves. They're maybe useful for Grimgor lists as they get hatred. You'd need to field at least 30+ to actually get them across the table though.

Spea Chukkas got a nerf in 8th as there is no +1 for shooting large targets, i've gone from 8 per list to none.

Squigs of all varieties are AWESOME! I'd take these if you want some funkiness. Only reason I don't take them at the moment is I don't have any painted up. They are top of my list of things I need to add to my current project.

The orc army is all about synergy.

got a big enemy unit to kill and you think yopu'll lose a straight up fight?

Gork'll Fix it on them, add some nets and cast Bash 'Em Ladz on your boyz

you strike first, re-roll misses, they count all 6's to hit, wound, save, ward save as 1's and they're -1 Str from nets.

Gork'll fixt it is quite possibly the single greatest spell in the game

try this.

Black Orc Warboss
glittering armour (-1 to hit)
effigy of mork (-1 to hit)
any weapon with +1ws minimum

they now need 6's to hit you... but wait, they've been fixed, those 6's are 1's so you cannot possibly be hit in a challenge (unless they're WS9)

Shaga's Screamin Sword is also a MUST have for your army, with the advent of % based points for characters, my Gobbo Warboss grinds through units with ease when he hsa 10 S10 attacks.

less about the specials, more about the magic for us.

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The problem with Grimgor is you HAVE to take a unit of Black Orcs, and he HAS to join them and nobody else can.

Which brings us back to T4 5+ save arrow magnets.

I used to run grimgor all the time a he'd devour anything, (check the losses I've aquired).

I dropped in favour of a custom made unkillable warboss and I fair much better. Grimgor IS a ninja, but he forces you to piss at least 300+ points away on a mediocre unit.
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