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The game is set with Justicar Alaric from dakka dakka though this time I'm using my undefeated (touch wood!) Iron Warriors which are also using a new list :) . I thought this game I'd give Kris some tips too, lets see how it goes!

Iron Warriors "Siegebreakers" - 2,000 points


1 x Daemon Prince wings, mark of tzeentch & warptime

1 x Daemon Prince wings, mark of tzeentch & warptime

1 x Greater Daemon


5 x Chosen w/ Rhino 2 x flamers & chaos icon

5 x Chosen w/ Rhino 2 x meltaguns & chaos icon

5 x Chosen w/ Rhino 2 x plasma guns


10 x Chaos Space Marines w/ Rhino 2 x meltaguns & IOCG - champion

10 x Chaos Space Marines w/ Rhino 2 x meltaguns & IOCG - champion

10 x Chaos Space Marines w/ Rhino 2 x plasma guns & IOCG - champion

Heavy Support

2 x Obliterators

2 x Obliterators

Chaos Vindicator

Total: 2010

Blood Angels


Reclusiarch - infernus pistol


Sanguniary Guard - chapter banner & infernus pistol

2 x Sanguinary Priests - jump packs


10 x Death Company - jump packs, infernus pistol, 2 x power fists & thunder hammer

10 x Assault Marines -2 x meltaguns - sgt w/ power fist

10 x Assault Marines -2 x meltaguns - sgt w/ power fist

5 x Scouts - sniper rifles & camo cloaks

Fast Attack

5 x Vanguard - thunder hammer

Heavy Support

10 x Devastators - 2 x plasma cannons & 2 x lascannons

Game: annilation & spearhead


I lost the roll off and Kris decided to go second. I deployed a ring of Rhinos with the Daemon Princes behind each Rhino and the Obliterators in the shrine ruin; usually I deep strike the Obliterators but no point as they'd kill a few Angels and then get shot up or assaulted next turn.

Kris dropped his Dev squad in a runi his far side of the board and held a Assault Squad the other side of that ruin. Sanguinary Guard were deployed in a crater by the Death Co I suggested to Kris he move these behind the ruin the Scouts were in as he would have to take dangerous terrain tests with those jump packs - if he uses them plus as I can lascannon them with Obliterators first turn, so he did that and popped a Assault Squad there too. Finally the Recluiarch and the Death Co deployed behind a ruin by my Vindicator.

*Tactical Notes

The Death Co is the closes target to me while everything else is a million miles away. I plan to kill the Death Co with plasma and a Vindicator shell seems they're there and I'll use a wing of Rhinos to flank forward and hunt down the Assault Squads with Rhinos - I'll have to use the Obliterators lascannons to take out the Devs at range until Princes or even the G.D get into range.

Turn 1

I roll out 3 Rhinos one with flamer Chosen, melta Chosen and a squad of melta CSM I keep the melta CSM Rhino behind the Chosen and pop smoke on the other two in case those lascannons fire on them. I edge the Vindicator forward but hold position on everything else as if I move I either have to get the plasma CSM out the transport (bad idea) or I'll be out of rapid fire range - so I hold put and plan to use 24" single shot plasma guns.

I fire a Vindicator shot which can see majority of the Death Co through windows and doorways in the ruin, it lands on target and blows them to pieces. I follow up the onslaught with plasma cannon fire and plasma gun fire but the Death Co cover saves due to LOS on the unit; after the dust has settled the Death Co are gone and just the Reclusiarch remains with a single wound.

Angels move around jumping from cover to cover using the buildings well. Only the Reclusiarch makes a offence coming at my Vindicator scoring a weapon destroyed with a infernus pistol shot.

Kill points are Iron Warriors 1: Blood Angels 0.

*Tactical Notes

Well obliteration of the Death Co went well. Shame the Reclusiarch remained, ah well, he's dead next turn.

Turn 2

I back the weaponless Vindicator away from the Reclusiarch towards the Obliterators so it cannot be shot or assaulted giving up a easy kill point. I move out the the trio of Rhinos with another melta CSM Rhino following behind, the 4th Rhino pops smoke while trio of Rhinos position so that the Assault Squad the other side of the ruin can be got at either way next turn - I'm hoping the Rhino barricade will attract the Assault Marines and next turn my three units or CSM can either gun them down or pile into a massive assault.

Shooting plasma and multi meltas from CSM and Obliterators fire at the Reclusiarch but he takes it all!

Angels start moving around with the Assault Squad I planned to bait moving in ready to melta my Rhino. The other Assault Squad and Sanginuary Guard move around, the S-Guard though move out of cover and my Obliterators should get them next turn.

Shooting Reclusiarch pops the plasma CSM Rhino. The Assault Squad baited with the trio of Rhinos fails to pop my Rhino with melta guns :)

In asault the Reclusiarch charges into my plasma CSM and kills 4 with his power weapon and takes no wounds! The Assault Squad charge my Rhino and fail with the power fist, I tell Kris to use krak grenades and it scores a crew stunned result - not he wanted I guess but those Assault Marines are going to die next turn!

Kill points are Iron Warriors 1: Blood Angels 1

* Tactical Notes

That damn Reclusiarch! I was gambling on him been killed instead of bringing a Daemon Prince out of cover and into assault, wish I had now!

Next turn I'm going to assault the Reclusiarch and gun down those Assault Marines which just gone for my Rhino. I''ll then sweep up the flank towards the Scouts and Devastators and get the plasma Chosen into the ruin the Death Co started behind, this way they can take pot shots at the Dev Squad.

Turn 3

I roll for my Greater Daemon (forgot last time and Kris forgot his Vanguard!) but doesn't appear. I cast warptime on both Princes which pass fine.

I bail out the CSM out the stunned Rhino and flank them round so they can get LOS on the Assault Squad. I move a supporting Chosen melta unit through terrain so they block the Assault Squad in. I move the 3rd Rhino which carries flamer Chosen full 12" towards the Scouts along with support from the 4th melta CSM Rhino which caught up last time, the melta Rhino passes terrain and only moves 6". A single Prince moves into combat by the Reclusiarch. I move a single D.P and the remaining plasma Chosen in their Rhino forward and pop smoke on it. The Vindicator moves to the other side of the shrine blocking total LOS to it and stopping a easy kill point.

I open fire the Chosen, melta CSM on foot and melta CSM in the Rhino at the Assault Squad they're left with 5 models inc the Priest and fail morale and leg it. Only single unit of Obliterators can see the Devs, so both squads fire and kill a Sanguinary Guard.

In assault the Daemon Prince lays the smack down on the Reclusiarch and kills him, the Prince consolidated behind the Chosen Rhino with the other Prince and the plasma CSM move into terrain.

The Vanguard make it from reserve and deep strike, after my advice I suggest to Kris deep strike behind the Vindicator to get a easy kill point - sure they need 6+ to hit but better than deep striking into the onslaught of Rhinos and also near the Daemon Princes.

In the Angels turn the Assault Squad has to fall back as they're within 6" of one of my units and cannot regroup. The Sanguinary Guard move in towards the flamer Chosen and melta CSM Rhinos. The other Assault Squad moves out and lands where the Sanguinary Guard were previously.

Shooting the S-Guard pop the flamer Chosen Rhino. The Devs fire lascannons and plasma cannons at the plasma Chosen Rhino, the lascannons do nothing but it's the plasmas which wreck it.

In assault the S-Guard cannot reach the flamer Chosen over the wrecked Rhino; so they're not sitting ducks. The Vanguard assault the Vindicator but fail to do anything :)

Kill points are Iron Warriors 2: Blood Angels 3

*Tactical Notes

Well I'm glad that damn Reclusiarch is dead and my Princes are advancing up the field, but damn I lost a Rhino which they could use as a bullet shield. Also I lost another Rhino but I s'pose that doesn't matter as the flamers are now in range of the Scouts.

Turn 4

I roll for reserve and the Greater Daemon arrives, I pop a Champion on the melta CSM Rhino by the Sanguinary Guard and he comes out to play!

The melta Chosen in a Rhino in terrain move out and come within 6" of the falling back Assault Squad, this will make them fall back again next turn. The melta CSM in the Rhino which just spawned the G.D move through terrain cornering the Sanguinary Guard while the flamer Chosen move up along side their busted Rhino ready to unleash the flame. The plasma Chosen which got their Rhino bust move into terrain to take cover and take pot shots at the Dev Squad. Both Daemon Princes cast warptime and fly forward towards the Angels lines. The melta CSM on foot get back into their previously stunned Rhino and start moving out.

Shooting flame and several melta shots fire at the Sanguinary Guard but after some bad luck only one is killed. Obliterators unleash plasma cannons at the Vanguard but they get cover, four die one lives and passes morale.

In assault the G.D tears into the S-Guard, it takes a wound but slaughters all of them.

In the Angels turn the last Assault Squad moves towards the melta CSM Rhino in terrain, they only score crew stunned and immobilised after failing the melta shots along with krak grenades and power fists. The Devs fire on a Daemon Prince and leave it with 2 wounds remaining. The single hammer Vanguard goes after my Vindicator again and pops it.

Points are Iron Warriors 3: Blood Angels 4

*Tactical Notes

The heat is on now! The Sanguinary Guard are dead, thanks to the mighty Greater Daemon. Only the Scouts, Dev Squads and Assault Marines remain and the Assault Squad failing back also but if I keep following them I can make them fall off the table, or maybe I can send a G.D after them and flank round to the Devs.

Turn 5

Chosen with meltas roll up in their Rhino towards the Scouts along with the flamer Chosen. The Greater Daemon moves towards the Assault Squad falling back ready to finish them off. One Daemon Prince moves towards the Assault Marines which attacked my Rhino while the other heads towards the Devs, both cast warptime ok. The CSM in the Rhino stunned and immoblised by the Assault Squad bail out and get ready those bolt pistols.

Shooting the Oblits fire at the Scouts and Devs but I don't think kill any if I remember right. Both Chosen units unleash flamer and melta at the Scouts leaving a few behind. The melta CSM fire bolt pistols and melta at the Assault Squad slimming them down while the plasma Chosen in terrain fire at the Devs killing one while the plasma CSM which I kept held back in terrain fire at the now exposed Vanguard who was drawn out into the open by my Vindicator, they kill him with plasma shots.

In assault the G.D takes a wound but wipes out the Assault Squad along with a Priest while the melta CSM and a single Daemon Prince charge the Assault Squad and Priest and slaughter them.

Turn 5

Angels are running out of guns now, the Scouts fire at something I cannot rememeber what but like all game they do nothing. The Devs declare shooting at the G.D but cannot draw LOS, so instead they fire at the wounded Daemon Prince which I suggested to Kris and also let him get on with it as he did say he was shooting at the G.D. After a rain of lascannon, bolter and plasma cannon shots the Prince is killed.

Points are Iron Warriors 8: Blood Angels 5

Turn 6

I move all units around the base of the Scouts ruin while the G.D moves into terrain with the Devs as the single D.P casts warptime and flies over.

Shooting flamer Chosen, melta CSM and melta Chosen circle the Scouts and open fire but leave one standing - I'm glad I used bolt pistols! The plasma Chosen in the ruin take a few more pot shots at the Devs.

In assault the last surviving Scout is butchered by the Chosen while the G.D and D.P take out the Devs in sweeping advance.

Iron Warriors win with 10 kill points and tabling the Blood Angels!


Well that went quite smoothly, admittedly a few mistakes on my behalf. When that Reclusiarch moved in and blasted my Vindicator in the first Angels turn I should have moved all Rhinos out and get a Prince into assault - though I would have thought 4 x plasma gun shots and 4 multi melta shots would have done the job! Would have saved me a kill point this and the Princes still wouldn't be shot at as the Devs were the only unit with long range.

Rest went ok. I flanked around baiting a Assault Squad worse case scenario is they pop my Rhino and assault my troops but I would then charge in with another 2 units. In this case though it went best for me as the Rhino stayed in tact and I just bailed out and shot them to pieces making them fall back and eventually Greater Daemon food.

Kris made a few mistakes with his deployment, I picked up on most but two I didn't even think about. His Death Co should have been deployed his side behind the ruin; this way almost nothing could draw LOS to them and this means the Vindicator and plasma guns couldn't have got them. I didn't pick up on this so my fail :( . His Devastator Squad was actually 10 men strong, something I didn't find out until turn 6 when I went to assault them. If I knew that I would have told him to combat squad them down with two lascannons and two plasma cannons in the squads. Other than that Kris played ok and is getting better, he did find out about the awesomeness of the krak grenade as it damaged my tanks. He did however play too defensively hugging terrain a lot especially with one Assault Squad behind the Devs! Should have played more aggressive keeping the Assault Squads together and then pop Rhinos and bail into assault, use the Scouts to lay down fire on the Daemon Princes and hope they get rending roles and the Princes fail our saves and use the Sanguinary Guard to pile into the Chosen; they're only a small unit. Use those Devs to pop Rhinos i.e the Chosen from afar so a assault unit can pile in and the plasma cannons to lay down damage on Princes.
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