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Inspired by Uverons project log and the stack of unpainted, unloved chaos models which have been acquired since the obliterators were metal and normal space marine sized, Ive decided to start an Iron Warriors army.

I currently have around 15000pts of Templars w. Guard & Inquisition allies which is all assembled but in the slow process of painting, so I wanted to spend some time planning out a similar size force (albeit smaller to start off with) as this approach seems to be working for Uveron... Measure twice cut once I believe the saying goes.

Anyway, I have planned out three primary detachments formed of distinct playable army sizes - 2000, 1750, 1500 as well as smaller renegade forces drawn from the IA 13 book.

I am somewhat stumped by my heavy support options though for one of my armies. I WANT to fill it with havocs, but also with crazed hellmachines.

So far the force consist of:

HQ - Lord on bike w special flamer + power axe
HQ - Warpsmith
TRP - Marines MoT (ranged load out in rhino)
TRP - Marines MoS (close support load out in rhino)
EL - Hellbrute w plasma cannon powerscourge
EL - Hellbrute w autocannon pf
EL - Ferrus Infernum Dread (IA13 choice)
FA - 5 bikes w flamers + power axe
FA - 5 Spawn (plan to make these out of various bits of left over tank etc)
HVY - Obliterators x 3
HVY - Forgefiend
HVY - Defiler

I'm not sure how i feel about swapping out the forgefiend and defiler to havocs.

I would like to keep the list very mechanical as I may (but somewhat undecided) ally some dark mechanicus to this particular list. I haven't quite decided yet.

My initial thoughts are the infantry level is OK at the moment and so adding more infantry in havocs may unbalance it, but then again I do play templars normally so am used to amassed infantry, which could be clouding my judgement.

Anyone have any thoughts or opinion of the Chaos heavy support slot and what to fill it with?
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