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A chaos knight would be ideal for Iron Warriors. If your meta isn't big on superheavies you could give it a miss, but otherwise it would be a solid choice

Initially I looked at the flamer bikes and thought they're doing a job your troops could do, letting you giving them melta guns and melta bombs as an anti tank threat. Then I noticed the chaos lord. It's a pretty solid unit but I'd be looking for a bit more from the lord. How about mark or khorne and axe of blind fury? You could then split off the bike lord from the bikes if the situation is right and both could deal with separate units. At that point I'd just go with the melta bikes

One of the CSM units could then be a full unit of ten with bolter, BP and CCW and a pair of flamers. In a rhino of course. Good at pushing enemy units off objectives and then holding the objective themselves, and they'd fill the fast flamer role the bikes otherwise had

For the ranged CSM squad a cheap, small unit could be a plasma gun, combi plasma and havoc launcher on the rhino. For a unit of ten I'd normally take two plasma guns but for Iron Warriors I'd be looking for a way to use that lascannon you get in the upgrade kit and would have to go lascannon/plasma gun.

FWIW I don't think I'd be able to resist a vindicator for IW too. Back when legion rules existed it was their own special unit they could take, plus vindicators are good
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