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Iron Warriors for GT final.

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I have decided that the bikes are only useful when I go second and it is gamma. A quarter of the games. A predator however is useful in every game.
The leftenant does not have spikey bits which is a shame, and the predator does not have possession which is also a shame. I could lose resileance, but at the moment he is good for going into 5 man squads, not dieing and not killing them all, then hopefully killing them in the enemy turn and letting him go off and kill something else.

Demon prince, flight, stature, essence, strength, resilence, aura, mutation, furious charge, great weapon, spikey bits.

Leftenant, lightning claws, daemonic strength, daemonic resilence, daemonic speed, infiltrate, frag grenades, spikey bits.

2 obliterators.

2 obliterators.

2 obliterators.

5 chaos marines, undivided, lascannon.

5 chaos marines, undivided, lascannon, infiltrate.

Predator, lascannon, heavy bolters, daemonic possession, dozer blade.

Predator, lascannon, heavy bolters, daemonic possession.

Predator, lascannon, heavy bolters.

Basalisk, indirect fire.

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its certainly a decent list. Personally i like the vindi, so i would try to fit one in But thats just my preference.
Don't you have to take upgrades from the parent list? If so POMS is enough most of the time, and possibly smokes. If not Possession and smokes should be enough. But if you dont have the points you dont have the points
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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