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Iron Warrior Organization

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So I have previously listened to and read some HH stories like Angel Exterminatus featuring the Iron Warriors and I wondered about their organization.

I was previously aware of the Grand Companies from their 40k release. In the later HH stuff, they mention Grand Battalions, so it logically fit in the the Grand Battalions were formed of Grand Companies.

Now I am reading Storm of Iron and the Characters from AE which I first got to know commanding Grand Battalions now command Grand Companies.

The Iron Warriors are a pretty huge Legion, before and after the Heresy, but is this a result of casualties or reorganization? Folks get demoted?

What do you guys think?
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Storm of Iron was written way before the HH series came out.

There were no Grand Battalions back then, the Iron Warriors had Grand Companies pre and post Heresy.

So there's two options; 1) an in universe explanation where Grand Companies are degraded remnants of the Grand Battalions. 2) Replace every instance of the phrase 'Grand Company with 'Grand Battalion', as the fluff has evolved since then.
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