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How to paint Iron Snakes

Hey guys.

This is a tutorial for how I paint Iron Snakes; hopefully this will benefit anyone else who wishes to paint them!

For the pictures I used a squad of assault terminators I had laying around. You can paint any marine squad in these colours; the Terminators are for example only.

Sorry about the lack of detail with the models in some parts, but these were a crudely painted second hand squad, so not my fault. Also sorry about some of the quality of the pictures, my camera isn’t the best. :)

Anyway, here is a list of the paints you will need, in a rough order in which you will need them:

Chaos Black, Boltgun Metal, Badab Black, Mithril Silver, Dheneb stone, Skull White, Scorched Brown, Dwarf Bronze, Shining Gold, Devlan Mud, Scab Red, Blood Red, Bleached Bone, and Enchanted Blue.

I will break this down into different sections for the main colours. First off is the silver, which is the main colour of the Iron Snakes.

Before you start, clean the model, cut off any mould lines and undercoat Chaos Black.

Painting the silver:

Stage 1: Basecoat the arms, legs, body, helmet and backpack in Boltgun Metal.

Stage 2: Next, apply a medium to heavy amount of Badab Black wash to the silver areas. The darker you want the model, the heavier the wash. Allow it to dry thoroughly before continuing.

Stage 3: After the Badab Black has dried, apply a light drybrush of Mithril Silver. Keep the recesses dark to add more depth to the model.

This should be the majority of the model covered. Didn’t take long now did it, which is another reason why I personally love this colour scheme!

Painting the White:

Stage 4: Basecoat the shoulders and any other area you want to be white with Dheneb Stone.

Stage 5: Get the Skull White, and mix some in with Dheneb stone. Water the mixture down a bit (it helps to remove streaks when it dries). Apply around two layers of this mixture, and wait for it dry.

Stage 6: Continue to add Skull White to the mixture until you achieve the shade of white you want. The mixture should be around 80/20 Skull White/Dheneb Stone when you have finished.

Painting the Gold:

Stage 7: Basecoat the areas you want gold with Scorched Brown. Shouldn’t take you long.

Stage 8: Apply a light layer of a 50/50 mix of Dwarf Bronze and Shining Gold over the Scorched Brown. An alternative to this is replacing the Shining Gold with Scorched Brown, so you apply a 50/50 mix of Dwarf Bronze and Scorched Brown. At the moment I am using the first method, but at the end you will see how the gold looks with the second method on the shoulder pads.

Stage 9: Now apply a light drybrush of Shining Gold. If you want it to be brighter feel free to apply a little more Shining Gold on the drybrush.

Stage 10: Now apply a wash of Devlan Mud over the gold areas. Again, make sure to get it in the recesses to apply depth.

Painting the red:

Stage 11: Basecoat all the areas you want to be red with Scab Red. On my Terminators I didn’t use much red; mostly on knee pads, a bit on the lightning claws and the purity seals. You can also paint one shoulder pad red, but for ease of viewing I did not do this. If you want to do this then simply follow the same instructions I’m about to explain.

Stage 12: Now get your Blood Red, and just like we did with the white, add the Blood Red to the Scab Red mixture. Watering down is not as important, but it’s your choice. Again, the final mixture should be around 80/20.

Final Stages:

Now, all you have left to do is the tiny details. These include the eyes (I just used blood red), the purity seals (I undercoated Dheneb stone, then a layer of Bleached Bone for the parchment, and Scab red/blood red for the wax part), the emblem (Enchanted Blue for the snake emblem and squad symbol), and anything else you may decide to do.

Here's a photo of the snake emblem free-hand that I did earlier.

And now you should have a finished squad!

Phew, that was a bit of an effort! :drinks:

I hope this tutorial helps you, and I wish you luck with your Iron Snakes :victory:

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Wow how long has this been here; didn't even know it was up till I googled "how to paint Iron Snakes"! :laugh:

Just wanna apologies for bad pictures, and the model detail quality isn't as good as it should be because they were pre-painted second hand.

Hope this benefits some of you...:)
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