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Iron Snakes Trilogy on the horizon.

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And who else would be writing said masterpeice but Dan Abnett himself. Everytime he put a single marine in his Gaunt's Ghosts books, he portrayed the mystical reality that is an Astartes. The fear-inducing, to allies and enemies alike, and the downright terror caused by chaos marines. I look forward to a marine book written with some clout, even above William King's space wolf standards.


I look forward and only have to wait until June.

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Sweet. Abnett is my favoured 40K author so this makes me happy enough to clap like a little girl :)
Sons of Fenris, the newest SW novel is out in paperback now. Just started reading it.
I am about halfway through it now and so far I am diggin it. Haegr is in this one as well which made my day. Dark Angels also feature heavily as well.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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