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Iron Hands what DeX?

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so, i've decided to start an iron hands SM army, the question is what codex should i use to acheive this, BA has the option of more dreadnoughts then reg marines and faster transports which would sujest the iron hands affinity for mechanical perfection. SW would not fit at all i think. Black templar has some of the best tank hunting dreadnoughts, and then theres the nilla Space marines, w/ Motf i could us 6 dreads and still have some options. so what to choose i needz da help plzzzzz:read:...dont think DA would work either...
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Wolves rules let you have terminators as sarges, which is a big part of IHs fluff. Plus you could use Thunderwolf lord rules for a dreadnought as an HQ which would fit the fluff quite nicely.
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